Pro-Life Republican Blasts Virginia Black Caucus After It Rejects Him as “Not Black Enough”

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 4, 2022   |   10:17AM   |   Richmond, Virginia

Skin color has turned into a political agenda. The Virginia Black Caucus in the Virginia state legislature has long been dominated by Democrats. In fact every current member of the legislative caucus is a member of the Democrat Party.

But when Virginians voted in a new pro-life Governor Glenn Youngkin and added new conservative Republicans to the state legislature, they elected Delagate Aijalon Cordoza.

Yet, he’s not welcome in the Virginia Black Caucus, because they told him he’s “not black enough.”

“It really did offend me,” Cordoza told Fox News in an exclusive interview. “It was a spit in the face. This says to me that I’m not black enough to be in the Black Caucus, and that’s an insult.”

“Defining what ‘black’ is by these liberal criteria is frankly wrong and disgusting,” the conservative added.

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“I wanted to become a member of the Black Caucus because I wanted to be a voice, I wanted to be a conservative voice in a group that’s normally very liberal,” he told Fox News Digital. “And I wanted to represent all African Americans, not just liberal ones. I wanted a seat at the table.”

Cordoza said he was the only “open conservative” on his college campus but found that when he had a chance to explain his conservative views to his classmates, “they listened.”

“That’s what I wanted to bring to the Black Caucus,” he reiterated. “I wanted them to see what the other side is talking about.”

A video on Twitter shows Cordoza explaining what happened and condemning his rejection from the caucus because he’s a conservative Republican.