Former Staff Say Abortion Clinic Owner Covered Up Sexual Abuse, Lied About Being a Nurse

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Feb 4, 2022   |   7:55PM   |   Charlotte, North Carolina

Three former abortion workers have accused a North Carolina abortion facility owner of brandishing a shotgun, lying about being a nurse and other bizarre behavior in a whistleblower complaint to state health authorities.

The Daily Wire reports the whistleblowers are former employees of Family Reproductive Health, an abortion facility in Charlotte owned and run by Deborah Jane Walsh.

Represented by the Thomas More Society, a pro-life legal organization, the whistleblowers said they want to warn the public and try to “stop the deception, fraud, and criminal practices by their former boss.”

“[Walsh] would tell patients unusual things, such as the abortion was only being performed on a ‘spirit’ or a ‘fairy,’” one of the former abortion workers said, according to the report. “Ms. Walsh’s unusual behavior combined with her keeping a firearm on the premises made clinic staff, including myself, fearful for our safety and the safety of others.”

Walsh also is accused of promoting herself as a nurse even though her nursing license expired seven years ago. According to the Daily Wire, the North Carolina Board of Nursing website

says Walsh’s nursing license expired in 2015, but she still describes herself as a nurse on the abortion facility website.

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Her former employees suspect that she also may have been involved in covering up the sexual abuse of young girls.

The report continues:

One of the whistleblowers also described a situation in which Walsh appeared to be facilitating underage abortions and potentially enabling sex trafficking.

“I saw a man bring to the clinic a girl seeking an abortion. The girl seeking an abortion appeared to be under 16 years of age, although I did not verify her age, since I was not involved in her care. Later, another worker at the clinic told me the same man had been there on prior occasions with different women or girls each time,” the former employee said, according to the women’s legal team.

Another whistleblower said Walsh lived at the abortion facility, sleeping and cooking there, and often appearing “disoriented and confused,” according to the report.

One of the whistleblowers said she was “particularly” disturbed one day when she heard a gun chambering a round and then saw Walsh walk up with a shotgun. She said Walsh told her she thought burglars were in the abortion facility, and Walsh appeared to believe the abortion workers were the burglars.

Their complaint also accuses Walsh of violating informed consent laws, failing to properly sterilize equipment and failing to properly dispose biohazardous materials, according to the report.

Attorneys with the Thomas More Society said they submitted their initial complaint to the North Carolina Board of Nursing, but the board refused to take action against Walsh.

“In this instance after careful review of the information submitted by you along with additional information obtained through an investigation, no action will be taken against Ms. Deborah Walsh,” the state nursing board wrote in a Jan. 15 letter to the Thomas More Society.

Now, they hope state Department of Health and Human Services authorities will take action.