Teen Mom of Twin Unborn Babies Rejects Abortion After Her Contraception and Morning After Pill Failed

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 31, 2022   |   12:16PM   |   London, England

A pregnant teenager who chose life for her unborn twins after her contraception failed expressed frustration recently that strangers are judging her for not having an abortion.

The U.S. Sun reports the teen mom shared her story anonymously on Reddit, attracting hundreds of mostly supportive comments.

“I’m pro-choice, but that clearly wasn’t the choice I made and nobody gets the right to even suggest the idea [of an abortion] at this point,” the teen wrote.

The expecting mother said she is a straight-A student and she knows that being a teenage mother will be difficult, but she loves her babies already. She said she is 23-weeks pregnant, according to the report.

The young woman said she and her boyfriend were using contraception when they conceived the twins.

“We were using a condom, I was taking the pill diligently AND I took plan B when the condom broke,” she wrote. “My boyfriend is still in my life, and I am well freakin’ aware that I’m too young to be pregnant. Well. Freaking. Aware.”

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They chose life for their babies anyway, but now they are being judged for it. At a recent parenting class, she said some strangers told them that they should consider having a late-term abortion.

Angered by the suggestion, the young mother said she is going to prove everyone wrong and be the best mother that she can be to her twins.

“… this is how the cards fell and I’ll be d—– if I won’t love these babies with my whole heart when they’re born,” she said.

According to the report, many commenters praised the teen for her strength and determination.

“I’m so sorry. Pregnancy is hard enough without people making it harder. These babies are lucky to already have a loving mother,” one person commented. Another added: “Those babies are so lucky to have a mama like you! Yeah it’s going to have challenges, but what doesn’t?”

Though the details of the teen’s story are unknown, it demonstrates how pervasive pro-abortion attitudes have become in society. Mothers in difficult circumstances frequently are encouraged or pressured into abortions as if killing their unborn baby is a solution to their problems.

Some succumb to the pressure and live with a lifetime of regret knowing that they ended their child’s life. But many others choose life for their unborn babies thanks to the support and encouragement of the pro-life movement. Through thousands of pregnancy resource centers and other charities, pro-lifers are empowering mothers to make the best choice for themselves and their unborn babies.

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