Dr. Oz Avoids Question on Abortion to Hide How He Supports Some Abortions

Opinion   |   Liliana Zylstra   |   Jan 28, 2022   |   4:33PM   |   Washington, DC

Television personality and Republican candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz spoke at Grove City College Wednesday about his run for United States Senate in Pennsylvania. He discussed issues connected to COVID and took questions on other topics. In response to one question, Oz stated that he is pro-life and spoke about the humanity of the unborn.

During past interviews with Fox News, Oz has claimed that he is pro-life, but would make exceptions for rape, incest, and situations where a mother’s life is at risk. However, he struggled to answer the question of when he believes life begins. Instead, Oz stressed the importance of making sure that people who are pro-life, “have our feelings respected.” 

As a freshman at Grove City College and Vice President of the school’s Life Advocates club, when I learned that Dr. Oz would be speaking at the college, I decided to ask him about his stance on abortion. Instead of mentioning the separate issue of life of the mother situations, I wanted to hear his explanation for his position on abortion in cases of rape and incest. So I asked him. “Why would the circumstances of a person’s conception determine whether their life is valuable and worth protecting?” Rather than answering my question, Dr. Oz acted as if I had asked him about his position on risks to the mother’s life. He went on to answer, seemingly pretending that that was the question I had asked.

I understand why Oz didn’t want to answer my question. Once you acknowledge, as he finally did during our interaction, that human life begins at conception, and that each individual life is valuable, making exceptions for certain cases is hard to defend.

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Even in the most horrific and unjust of circumstances— a pregnancy as a result of rape, the unborn is still human. In this situation, the child is a second victim of the crime. They, like their mother, deserve justice. In a reasonable and civilized society, our judgment is rightly directed toward the rapist, in the form of harsh legal consequences. It should not be directed toward an innocent third party.

Pennsylvania voters should know that despite his claims, Dr. Oz is not pro-life. Voters should also know that there are pro-life candidates in this senate race. Kathy Barnette is one candidate for whom Oz’s abortion position is deeply personal. Kathy was conceived as a result of rape. She testifies that her mother is a “survivor.” And says she is “forever thankful my mother made the right decision.”

Kathy Barnette knows that her life has always had value. Dr. Oz doesn’t agree. Not only is Oz’s stance on abortion inconsistent, it’s also indefensible, as he himself appears to recognize.

LifeNews Note: Liliana Zylstra is a freshman at Grove City College and Vice President of the school’s Life Advocates club.