Abortion Activists Scream at Children Leaving Pro-Life Church Service: “F— You, Go to Hell B—-“

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 25, 2022   |   12:33PM   |   New York City

New York City abortion activists screamed profanities at young children and families leaving a pro-life Mass on Saturday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Abortion activists are growing increasingly aggressive and violent. In the past week, as the U.S. marked the 49th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, LifeNews reported about abortion activists throwing smoke bombs at pro-life students in Texas and projecting disgusting pro-abortion messages onto a prominent Catholic Church in the nation’s capital.

In New York City, abortion activists organized their “F— the March for Life” to protest the annual Prayer Vigil for Life on Saturday at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, The Catholic News Agency reports.

As Catholics left the Mass, abortion activists screamed, “Go to h—, b—-!” and “F— you!” at families with young children, elderly men and women and others. In a video posted by CNA, it also appears that an abortion activist assaulted a pro-life man by reaching out and hitting his phone with a drum stick.

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During their protest, the pro-abortion crowd chanted “Thank God for abortion” and “New York hates you,” and projected the words “God loves abortion” and “Abortion on demand” in lights on the cathedral walls. They also accused pro-lifers of “harassing patients” outside abortion facilities, the report continues.

New York City Police shielded the pro-lifers from harm, setting up barricades and standing in a line between them and the abortion activists, according to the report.

Inside the cathedral, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan celebrated the Mass in remembrance of the more than 63 million unborn babies who have been killed in abortions since Roe.

“When a nation founded on the right to life and the equal protection of law for all life finds such violence to be legal, as it did 49 years ago today in legalizing abortion, boy that’s tragic,” Dolan told pro-lifers. “That’s not right. That’s not natural. That’s not the way God intended it. That’s not the way our country intended it.”

The pro-abortion organizers appear to be making plans to harass pro-lifers at another event in February. As CNA noticed, “Toward the end of Saturday’s rally, a woman who appeared to be an organizer announced to the demonstrators that the group would be protesting the next Witness for Life event Feb. 5 by slowing down participants’ rosary procession ‘with our bodies.’”

Along with the violence of abortion against unborn babies, threats and violence against pro-life advocates also have increased in recent years. LifeNews.com has documented hundreds of incidents in the past several years, including arson, bomb threats, assaults, death threats and vandalism.

Earlier this month, a Nebraska man was arrested for allegedly threatening to “f— up” pro-life advocates with a metal bar outside an abortion facility in Lincoln.

Over the weekend, pro-abortion activists also attacked a pro-life student conference in Austin, Texas, lighting and throwing smoke bombs into a crowd of students inside the conference center.