MSNBC Skips March for Life, Interviews Radical Abortion Activist Instead

National   |   Brad Wilmouth   |   Jan 24, 2022   |   11:19AM   |   Washington, DC

On Friday afternoon, Andrea Mitchell was again using her eponymous MSNBC show to lobby for abortion as she gave former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards a forum to call for state legislatures to legalize abortion while also suggesting pro-abortion Republicans should vote against their own party over the issue.

Mitchell began the segment by fretting that the Supreme Court is “delivering another major blow to abortion rights” by holding up a challenge to the Texas abortion ban, and complained that it was a “setback” for the “landmark” Roe v. Wade decision.

As she avoided mentioning the annual pro-life March for Life, which was being held the very same day for the first time since the pandemic, Mitchell gave her introduction while flanting images of pro-abortion signs held by liberal counter-protesters.

After Richards — a frequent guest on the liberal news network — was allowed to complain about the conservative U.S. Supreme Court, Mitchell followed up by bringing up the possibility of Congress or state legislatures making abortion stay legal:

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Does that create pressure and a likelihood that the Mississippi case is going to be decided adversely for those who believe in freedom of choice and Texas still standing? Does that advocate for some congressional action? Or should states individually — given the trends in Congress as well — should states begin trying to, you know, legislate on their own — those who believe, you know, that abortion should be available?

Richards went along with calling for such pro-abortion laws, claimed women would have their lives harmed if abortions were difficult to get, and took aim at the Republican party specifically:

And it’s not at risk because of some rogue group of people or right-wing extremists — it is the Republican party that sits squarely on the fact that the Republican party has made it their mission to overturn the right to make your own decision about your pregnancy and put it instead in the hands of government and politicians. That’s what we’re facing. That’s why so many people are anxious about not only the Supreme Court decision but also redoubling their efforts for the November elections which are going to be critical.

Instead of pushing back on the partisan attack against Republicans, or any of her guest’s pushing for the killing of unborn babies, Mitchell followed up by inviting her guest to complain that Democratic voters do not place enough priority on protecting abortion: “Are you surprised that it has not been a base issue for those who are advocating for choice?”

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