Joe Biden’s New Vatican Ambassador Called Himself Pro-Life But Voted to Fund Planned Parenthood

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 24, 2022   |   5:19PM   |   Washington, DC

Joseph Donnelly, Joe Biden’s new ambassador to the Vatican, has been described as a “person of deep Catholic faith.”

But while in office, the former U.S. Senator from Indiana voted to give tax dollars to the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood.

The U.S. Senate confirmed Donnelly as ambassador to the Vatican on Jan. 20, Aleteia reports.

After the vote, he received praise from the president of his alma mater, the University of Notre Dame. Father John Jenkins described Donnelly as a “person of deep Catholic faith” who is strongly committed to public service, according to the report.

“I am confident that he will serve in this important new role with vision and integrity,” Jenkins said in a statement. “It comes as no surprise that there was broad bipartisan support for his confirmation as he has proven throughout his career that he is committed to building relationships and working across divisions. Joe has the prayers of his alma mater as well as our commitment to assist him in any way we can.”

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A Democrat, Donnelly campaigned for office with repeated promises of being pro-life. However, his voting record was mixed. He represented Indiana in the U.S. Senate from 2013 to 2019 and the House from 2007 to 2013.

In 2018, his pro-life voting record was just 28 percent, according to National Right to Life. Among other things, he voted against an amendment that would have defunded Planned Parenthood, which aborted more than 354,000 unborn babies last year. He also voted against a bill that would have replaced Obamacare and defunded Planned Parenthood in 2017, and he voted against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation in 2018.

In 2019, Donnelly lost his seat to pro-life Republican U.S. Sen. Mike Braun.

Here’s more from Aleteia:

In 2018, the Star reported that Donnelly was one of three Democrats who voted with most Republicans for a bill that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The year before Donnelly ran unsuccessfully for reelection to the Senate, the Star wrote that Donnelly has “cultivated a moderate image by sometimes bucking his party on issues such as abortion, defense spending and the environment. Two years ago, … after he voted for a bill to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding, his campaign treasurer quit in protest. (Donnelly, a few months later, switched his position after Planned Parenthood announced it would stop taking reimbursements for supplying tissue from aborted fetuses to medical researchers.)”

Then, in 2020, he helped to lead the Catholics for Biden campaign to elect the pro-abortion Democrat to office. During Biden’s election campaign, Donnelly praised him as a man whose Catholic faith “beats deep in his heart every moment of his life.”

Though Biden also professes to be Catholic, he has embraced an increasingly radical pro-abortion agenda. Late last year, his administration got rid of safety regulations for the abortion drug mifepristone. Now, abortion businesses are selling dangerous abortion drugs through the mail without ever seeing or even talking to the woman. Biden also wants to get rid of the Hyde Amendment and force taxpayers to fund abortions directly, an action that could lead to tens of thousands more unborn babies being killed in abortions every year.

The Catholic Church believes that abortion is evil because it intentionally destroys an innocent unborn child who is created in the image of God.