Officials Find 11 Skulls and 54 Bones From Dozens of Aborted Babies Next to Hospital

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 14, 2022   |   11:49AM   |   New Delhi, India

Police in India made a shocking discovery Wednesday when they uncovered the bones from what appear to be dozens of aborted babies at a private hospital in central India.

The Deccan Chronicle reports police found at least 11 skulls and 54 bones from very young babies at a biogas plant on the Kadam Hospital land in Arvi, Wardha.

Wardha police inspector Jyotsna Giri said they found the bones while investigating another case, an alleged illegal abortion on a 13-year-old girl, at the hospital. Giri said a tip prompted them to search the biogas plant, a composting device used to create energy, on the hospital land, and that is where they found the bones.

News 18 reports police also found stained clothing, bags, shovels and other evidence in the biogas plant, and they sent everything to a lab for further investigation. Wardha Superintendent of Police Prashant Holkar said they are trying to determine if the bones were disposed of legally or illegally, according to

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Police said they also arrested Dr. Rekha Kadam and a nurse for allegedly performing an illegal abortion on a 13-year-old girl.

The girl and her family said she was forced into the abortion by the parents of her baby’s father, also a minor, according to News 18. Police said they arrested the boy’s parents for allegedly forcing the girl to abort her unborn baby and making threats against her parents.

Responding to the findings, Dr. Ganesh Rakh, a renowned gynecologist and advocate for women in India, said he believes the hospital may have been running an illegal sex-selection abortion operation.

“What has accidentally stumbled out through the illegal abortion on a minor girl may actually have larger consequences,” Rakh told the news outlet. “The male-female ratio in the country is falling at an alarming rate, and this will be known in the near future.”

A local doctor who spoke to the news outlet on condition of anonymity said there have been rumors about “shady goings-on” at the hospital for years, including talk about sex-selection abortions and female infanticide.

Abortions are legal up to 20 weeks in India and later in certain circumstances. The law prohibits sex-selection abortions, but they remain a huge problem.

Because of a cultural preference for male children, experts estimate that approximately 46 million girls have been singled out for abortions specifically because they were girls in the past 50 years, the New York Post reported late last year.