Abortion Clinics Still Want to Sell Aborted Baby Parts or Toss Aborted Babies in the Trash

State   |   SPUC   |   Jan 14, 2022   |   6:11PM   |   Columbus, Ohio

Abortion facilities in Ohio in the United States are opposing a new law requiring them to cremate or provide burial for aborted babies. Five abortion facilities in total have said that the requirement is too “burdensome and expensive to comply with”.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit in opposition to Ohio’s new requirement for the disposal of aborted babies.

Freda Levenson, a spokesperson for ACLU, claims that “the law and the implementing rules are extremely burdensome and expensive to comply with – impossible in many regards”.

The pro-abortion organisation has also claimed that the law will mean women will have to wait until later in their pregnancies to have an abortion.

The ACLU has also that stated that “it’s very, very costly to provide cremation or burial for a small collection of cells. This law applies even to a blastocyte or to a small number of cells or to an embryo.”

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Last April, the enforcement of the new law was temporarily blocked, pending the finalisation of rules by Ohio’s Department of Health. These rules were released on 30 December 2021.

A SPUC spokesperson said: “The refusal to provide the unborn with cremation or burial comes as no surprise, since the abortion industry denies the humanity of unborn babies – dishonestly preferring to call them ‘cells’.

“Of course, how we treat human beings in death reflects how we treat them in life.

“Aborted children are not medical waste. The willful blindness of the abortion industry goes hand in hand with the anti-life view that results in millions of babies being killed every year.

“While the new Ohio law does not prevent the killing of the unborn, it does further underline the callousness of an industry founded on death and the exploitation of vulnerable mothers.”