Abortion Activists Threaten to Rape, Kill Pro-Life Legislator Who Filed Bill to Ban Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 10, 2022   |   4:03PM   |   Lincoln, Nebraska

Nebraska police are investigating at least nine reported threats against pro-life state Sen. Julie Slama after she introduced a bill last week to ban abortions on unborn babies once their heartbeat is detectable.

The Omaha World-Herald confirmed with the Nebraska State Patrol that they are investigating after Slama, R-Sterling, said she received multiple messages online threatening violence and death against her and her family.

“It’s fascinating to see the death threats, rape threats, & sexually explicit comments sent by self-proclaimed ‘feminists’ to me, a female state senator, because I introduced a #prolife Heartbeat Bill,” Slama wrote on Twitter.

According to the newspaper, Slama provided copies of nine messages that she received, one showing the photo of a monkey holding a gun along with the words “this is a threat.” Another message referred to her “future daughter” getting raped, and a third told her she has a “great face to curb stomp,” the newspaper reported.

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Nebraska pro-life organizations condemned the threats in a joint statement Friday, saying every human being, born or unborn, deserves respect.

“There is no place in a civil society for the violent threats and messages sent to Senator Slama in response to the news that she had introduced a pro-life bill in the Nebraska legislature. No public official, or any person regardless of their stance on any issue, deserves to have their human dignity degraded and disrespected in such a way,” Nebraska Family Alliance, Nebraska Catholic Conference, and Nebraska Right to Life said.

The organizations urged people on both sides of the abortion debate to treat each other with civility as lawmakers debate Slama’s bill.

“We are proud to support Senator Slama and her legislation to help create a state where every unborn life is celebrated, valued and protected,” they said. “Together, our groups implore all people on both sides of the issue to civility, decency, and charity as we consider the fundamental question in front of us. It is not only the outcome that will test us, but how we treat one another.”

Last week, on the first day of the legislative session, Slama introduced the Heartbeat Act (LB 781), a bill that would protect unborn babies by banning abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable.

Her legislation would require abortionists to check for the unborn baby’s heartbeat before doing the abortion and prohibit the abortion if the baby’s heartbeat is detected. Typically, an unborn baby’s heartbeat can be detected by six weeks of pregnancy, before most abortions occur.

The bill has 20 co-sponsors, and Republicans control the state legislature.

“Nebraska is a pro-life state,” Slama said when she introduced the bill. “Passing LB781 is an absolute necessity to protect innocent life. Since 2000, we have lost over 50,000 lives to abortion in Nebraska. LB781 simply makes it illegal to stop a baby’s beating heart.”

More than 2,000 unborn babies are aborted in Nebraska every year, according to state health statistics. Each unborn baby was a unique, valuable human being who did not have to die.

Along with the violence of abortion against unborn babies, threats and violence against pro-life advocates also have increased in recent years. LifeNews.com has documented reports of hundreds of incidentsincluding bomb threats, assaults, death threats, arson and vandalism.

The Guttmacher Institute predicts that Nebraska would be one of 26 states that would ban abortions if the U.S. Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade.

ACTION ALERT: Please contact Nebraska state lawmakers and urge them to support the abortion ban.