Woman Changes Her Mind About Having Abortion as Christians Sang Christmas Carols at Planned Parenthood

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jan 4, 2022   |   4:10PM   |   Sacramento, California

Christmas carolers celebrating the birth of the Christ child encouraged a mother to choose life for her unborn baby in December outside a Planned Parenthood in California.

California Catholic Daily reports the woman sat in her vehicle listening to about 50 pro-life advocates singing on the sidewalk and then drove away without ever going inside the abortion facility.

Pro-life advocates with California Right to Life organized the Christmas caroling on a day in early December when Planned Parenthood does surgical abortions. Some people sang carols while others spent time reaching out to about a dozen women who were scheduled for abortions that day, according to the organization.

“Sidewalk counselors tried to speak to the women arriving and invite them to the local pregnancy clinic, but most ignored the offers of help and continued into the building,” a California Right to Life leader observed. “As I watched the mothers enter, I thought about how each one would leave her dead child’s body behind when she went home in a few hours.”

Just as the carolers were getting ready to end for the day, however, someone noticed a woman who had pulled into the parking lot and sat in her vehicle listening to the carols before driving away, the pro-life leader continued.

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“On her way out, she spoke to one of the sidewalk counselors and took information about the pregnancy clinic,” according to California Right to Life. “Her baby was safe inside of her, and she had asked for our prayers before she drove away.”

In celebration of the mother’s decision, the pro-lifers concluded by singing “Joy to the World” before they left.

“Christmas caroling is a beautiful way to reach out to mothers scheduled for abortions,” California Right to Life observed. “As we witnessed last week, sometimes the music and words touch a mother’s heart and she changes her mind. Christmas caroling is also a way to dignify the lives of the babies who we can’t save, who will never see their first Christmas.”

Pro-life advocates’ peaceful witness outside abortion facilities does make a difference. Abortion workers admit that when pro-life sidewalk counselors are outside, the no-show rate for abortion appointments goes up. Sidewalk counselors often are the last line of hope for unborn babies. They provide compassion and encouragement to mothers who may think abortion is their only option, and they offer information about their unborn baby’s development as well as local resources to help pregnant and parenting families.