North Carolina County Becomes “Sanctuary” for the Unborn, Declares Human Life Begins at Conception

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 27, 2021   |   11:50AM   |   Charlotte, North Carolina

Randolph County, North Carolina has declared itself to be a “sanctuary” for unborn babies.

Earlier this month, the Randolph County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to adopt a pro-life resolution that proclaims the county a “sanctuary for life,” the Courier-Tribune reports.

Randolph joins four counties in North Carolina and dozens of other local governments across the country that have passed pro-life resolutions and ordinances recognizing the value of unborn babies, according to the report.

At the meeting, Commissioner Darrell Frye said the resolution, though non-binding, sends a powerful message about the county’s commitment to protecting life, the local news reports.

“I think what the resolution would really say to us is we would not approve an abort clinic within Randolph County,” Frye said. “That would be an issue for us we have direct control over.”

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The resolution recognizes “the full humanity of the preborn child” and promises that “the dignity of every human being will be defended and promoted from conception or fertilization through all stages of development” in Randolph County. It also encourages local residents to take action to protect unborn babies and help mothers in need.

The commissioners also plan to hang a plaque on county government grounds declaring Randolph to be a “Sanctuary for Preborn Children.”

The Personhood Alliance, a Tennessee-based pro-life group that encourages counties to pass “sanctuary for life” resolutions, compared it to the Declaration of Independence, “a powerful and influential statement,” according to the local news.

Local, grassroots efforts to protect unborn babies from abortion are growing across the United States. Within the past couple years, city and county government leaders have passed dozens of resolutions and ordinances in support of unborn babies’ right to life.

These include more than 40 Sanctuary City for the Unborn ordinances in Texas, Nebraska and Ohio that ban abortions within city limits. Unlike resolutions, these ordinances are enforceable legislation that protect unborn babies by prohibiting abortions within city limits.

More than a dozen Arkansas municipalities also have passed pro-life resolutions that declare their cities and towns to be sanctuaries for the unborn.