Joe Biden is So Bad Just 1/3 of Americans Want Him to Run Again

National   |   Dave Andrusko   |   Dec 17, 2021   |   12:58PM   |   Washington, DC

Buried in the low-to-mid 40s on job approval, it should come as no surprise that many Americans—mostly Republicans and Independents but some Democrats as well—do not want President Biden to run for a second term.

A Morning Consult-Politico survey reveals just a third (34%) of registered voters say they want Biden to run again, versus 58% who do not. That is a staggeringly low number after less than a year in office.

Republicans you could expect to be down on the president. Only 9% want him to seek a second term. “Among independents, Biden’s numbers are absolutely terrible: 23% want him to run again, against 67% who do not,” writes Byron York.

“Among Democrats, 63% say they want Biden to run, versus 28% who don’t — a decidedly anemic response from the president’s own party. (By the way, there is an interesting gender gap in Biden’s party — 70% of Democratic men say they want Biden to run again, versus 56% of Democratic women.)”

There are two other areas of bad news for pro-abortion Democrats like Biden. First, in party affiliation, “31% say they’re Republicans, up slightly from the usual mid-20s to 30%,” Stephen Green reports.” 41% told Gallup that they’re independent voters, in line with the average swing. Only 27% self-ID as Democrats, which is down from the more typical 29-32%.”

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And the party is hemorrhaging Hispanic voters.

“Now, with Hispanic voters abandoning the Democratic Party in droves, it’s all falling apart,” writes York. “The seriousness of this problem tends to be underestimated in Democratic circles for a couple of reasons,” Guy Teixeira, a highly regarded strategist, writes in a recent Substack article. “(1) they don’t realize how big the shift is; and (2) they don’t realize how thoroughly it undermines the most influential Democratic theory of the case for building their coalition.”

York continues

Hispanic voters are particularly cool toward Joe Biden. “Working Class Joe” does not seem to connect with those voters, who are largely working-class. Hispanic voters without a college degree “[gave] Trump a remarkable 41 percent of their vote in 2020,” Teixeira notes. That is especially important because about 80% of the Hispanic vote nationwide could be classified as working-class.

But it’s not just Biden. Latino voters appear to be increasingly turned off by the Democratic Party itself, and particularly by its progressive leaders. That was certainly true in 2020, the year of Black Lives Matter for much of the party. The Democrats’ increasing focus on racial issues left Hispanic voters unmoved.

No support for a second Biden term, fewer self-identified Democrats, and growing disenchantment with the Democrat party among Hispanics. What a Trifecta. Note: Dave Andrusko is the editor of National Right to Life News and an author and editor of several books on abortion topics. This post originally appeared in at National Right to Life News Today —- an online column on pro-life issues.