Justice Amy Coney Barrett Was Right: Adoption is a Great Alternative to Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 14, 2021   |   10:51AM   |   Washington, DC

Adoption always has been a loving, life-affirming alternative to abortion for pregnant mothers in difficult situations. It confirms the incredible value of the child in the womb while recognizing that mothers experience hardships that make it difficult to care for the child herself.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett brought up adoption earlier this month when the justices heard a major abortion case from Mississippi.

An adoptive mother herself, she asked lawyers for the pro-abortion side why they do not believe that safe haven laws and adoption relieve the “burdens of parenting” mentioned in Roe v. Wade as justifications for abortion.

Barrett’s question resulted in a stream of anti-adoption rhetoric from abortion activists. Over the past few weeks, there have been a number of articles and columns in national news outlets discouraging and stigmatizing adoption while completely ignoring the fact that an unborn child’s life is involved.

In one recent article at Newsweek, Lynn Paltrow, the founder of National Advocates for Pregnant Women, slammed Barrett’s comments as “absurd.”

“The argument that because a pregnant woman can give her baby up for adoption, she therefore experiences no recognizable burden and no violations of her fundamental rights is absurd,” Paltrow said.

But Barrett did acknowledge that pregnancy and adoption are burdens for the mother. Adoption comes with trauma and loss for both mother and child. Worse, however, is the trauma and loss of abortion because it not only permanently separates the two but also violently and unnecessarily destroys a child’s life.

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The unborn baby’s life matters, too, but Paltrow and others interviewed by Newsweek completely disregarded the unborn baby in their arguments against adoption. While talking about the fundamental rights of women, they ignored how abortion destroys the most fundamental right of all, the right to life, for the unborn baby.

Nicole Witt, executive director of The Adoption Consultancy, argued for the destruction of an unborn child’s life rather than adoption, claiming an abortion may help a woman escape abuse or pregnancy discrimination at work.

“There are thousands of other reasons a woman may consider an abortion that adoption in no way alleviates,” Witt told Newsweek.

But aborting an unborn baby does not solve these problems either. It only adds to the problems by ending a child’s life. Adoption gives a child a chance to live and thrive. An abortion destroys a child’s life, eliminating their future, their rights, their opportunities to succeed.

Marcela Howell, president and CEO of In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda, even accused pro-life adoption proponents of being racist. Because black women have a disproportionately high number of abortions, she said their babies would be the ones most likely to be adopted if abortion becomes illegal again.

She told Newsweek:

The suggestion of Barrett’s remarks was that it “is okay to force a woman to carry an unwanted unexpected pregnancy to term in order to benefit some other person,” Howell continued. “This is what they did in slavery… Black women were forced to give birth to more children who were then sold into slavery or who were kept to benefit the people who owned her.”

Howell almost gets it right while getting it so terribly wrong. Encouraging adoption over abortion is about benefiting some other person, but it’s not adoptive families who pro-life advocates have in mind. It’s the unborn baby. Mothers and fathers are supposed to make sacrifices to care for their children because children are parents’ responsibility. Children depend on their parents to survive and thrive.

The abortion activists who spoke with Newsweek slammed adoption proponents as “naïve” and ignorant about the trauma that birth mothers experience as a result of placing a child for adoption. But this is not true at all. Pro-life advocates recognize that adoption comes with trauma and loss and offer support, counseling and more to help birth mothers.

It is abortion activists who are hurting mothers and children by encouraging abortion over adoption. A child’s life is at stake, a unique and irreplaceable child who never was and never will be ever again. The mother has the choice of life or death for her child, and abortion activists are encouraging her to choose death.