Liberal Writer David Frum Wants Hospitals to “Quietly Serve Unvaccinated Patients Last”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 13, 2021   |   1:46PM   |   Washington, DC

A liberal writer is coming under fire on social media for advocating health care rationing — asking that hospitals secretly and “quietly” triage patients in such a way that Americans who are not vaccinated from COVID are treated last.

The Atlantic’s David Frum issued a tweet that has earned him the ire of thousands of people: “Let hospitals quietly triage emergency care to serve the unvaccinated last.”

Here’s more:

This tweet, which has since been widely circulated and mocked, albeit with horror, by many on the conservative side of the spectrum, contained a list of measures that Frum believes should be enacted. These, he believes, will curb a pandemic that has continued despite drastic restrictions implemented by many countries.

Frum’s missive was intended to show ways that the US could begin to “open up,” and lift some restrictions, but his method is to impose more, and to leave some of the most vulnerable among us without emergency care, as punishment for their not having been vaccinated.

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He slams the unvaccinated, and further slams media that states that people have a right to make their own medical choices, while having made their own choice to get vaccinated. “But the malignant minority is not yielding to reason any time soon,” he writes, decrying the federal government for having not enacted further restrictions on personal liberties for those who are unvaccinated, such as travel restrictions.

The American Medical Association has rejected Fum’s thinking.

In September, the American Medical Association said that “a physician should not refuse a patient simply because the individual is not vaccinated or declines to be vaccinated. The commitment to care for those who are sick or injured carries with it a duty to treat in other circumstances as well, including public health crises…”

The AMA further stated that a physician may not “ethically turn a patient away based solely on the individual’s infectious disease status, or for any reason that would constitute discrimination against a class or category of patients.”

“A patient’s vaccination status in and of itself is not sufficient reason, ethically, to turn that individual away,” the AMA writes.

Frum’s tweet comes after Australia has announced it will deny transplants to unvaccinated patients, which could potentially put millions of residents’ lives at risk if the need a transplant to save their lives.

Meanwhile, UCHealth, a Colorado-based hospital system affiliated with the liberal University of Colorado, has made the decision to deny organ transplants to unvaccinated patients in “almost all situations.”

And for one Colorado resident, her decision to not get the COVID vaccine has resulted in her getting rejected for a kidney transplant.