Over 30 Christian Colleges and Universities Cut Ties With Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

National   |   Students for Life   |   Dec 10, 2021   |   3:58PM   |   Washington, DC

Today, Students for Life of America’s Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement released its Christian Schools Project, a research deep-dive into the relationship between Planned Parenthood and the 783 Christian colleges and universities across the United States.

The report comes as the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in the Christian schools-related case of Carson v. Makin.

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The goal of SFLA’s Christian Schools Project is to raise public awareness of Christian schools maintaining relationships with Planned Parenthood and encourage schools with infractions to restore their Christian values by cutting ties with the abortion giant. At the time of publication, one in 11 Christian schools maintains a relationship with Planned Parenthood, down from one in eight at the start of the Project.

Research was spearheaded by SFLA’s Leadership Initiatives Team and conducted by SFLA staff in 2021.

Key Findings

  • More than 100 Christian colleges and universities were found to be in relationship with Planned Parenthood
  • This number dropped to below 70 after SFLA privately contacted each infracted school, urging administrators to cut ties with Planned Parenthood
  • At Christians schools, Planned Parenthood appears most frequently as a “student resource” or “internship opportunity”
  • Lutheran, Presbyterian, and Methodist schools make up an outsized share of infracted schools
  • Victories: Over the course of SFLA’s Christian Schools Project, one in three infracted schools cut ties with Planned Parenthood

The goal of SFLA’s Christian Schools Project was not just to expose the abortion industry relationships within Christian schools, but more importantly to urge infracted schools to cut ties with Planned Parenthood and, ideally, to build up the culture of life by promoting nonviolent pregnancy resources on campus.

“Our research exposes the unholy partnership between a number of Christian schools and the Planned Parenthood abortion Goliath,” said Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America and Students for Life Action. “Christians have always led the fight to dismantle abortion violence, but our efforts are totally undermined when institutions that lay claim to our faith undermine that faith by partnering with and lending credibility to the anti-Christian abortion industry. We will abolish abortion in our lifetime, and we expect every Christian school to either stand with us in that battle for life, or disassociate themselves with the Christian faith. Either you follow Christ, or you don’t. There is no in-between.”

Complete Findings and Analysis at SFLA’s Institute for Pro-Life Advancement

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