Feminist Keeps Bragging About Killing Her Baby in an Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Dec 10, 2021   |   12:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Alisha Miranda does not understand why “humanizing” abortion through women telling their abortion stories has not convinced more people to support it.

In a column at Romper this week, Miranda brought up women’s humanity over and over again while worrying about the possibility of abortions being banned again in the United States. However, she never acknowledged the humanity of unborn babies who are killed in abortions.

“I am so tired of feeling like we have to argue for our humanity and politicize our pain — especially when it accomplishes nothing,” she began.

Every time a pro-life law passes, she said abortion supporters feel like they have to “bare their emotions for all to see” by sharing the intimate details of their own abortions, the hope being that their story will convince others that abortions are ok.

“Abortion restrictions don’t take women and what they want or need into account at all. No one should have to argue for their own humanity, but it’s the position we are put in again and again,” Miranda wrote.

She said her own abortion was painful; however, she did not elaborate or reflect on the cause of that pain. It is notable that she admitted she did not experience any of the things that abortion activists blame for the pain women feel about an abortion, such as pro-life sidewalk counselors outside the abortion facility or difficulty getting an abortion.

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She continued:

I was lucky, extremely lucky. I’m American but live in the United Kingdom, where abortion care is free [taxpayer-funded]. I had supportive doctors and an emotional safety net in my husband and parents. When I got to the clinic, there were no protesters outside making me feel guilty or ashamed. The staff were kind and sympathetic. …

I took the bus home afterward and ate cake. I had paid leave from work and appropriate time and support to recover. I cried a lot for a while, then I felt better.

Despite the pain of aborting her unborn baby, she said she has never regretted it. However, she also argued that she should not have to tell her story at all.

“Why is it that the only way to get people to care about the human cost of abortion is to put our pain front and center?” Miranda continued, again without acknowledging that the cost of an abortion includes destroying the life of a unique, irreplaceable human child in the womb.

But she acknowledged that even this is not working. She expressed frustration that more Americans have not been convinced to support abortion after so many women have shared stories about why they needed their abortions.

“The human stories behind abortion are no more than a quick Google search away, yet they have done little to convince conservatives — or even Supreme Court justices — to care about the women behind each statistic,” she wrote.

But pro-lifers, conservative or liberal, do care about women. “Love them both” is a common pro-life motto that recognizes the humanity of both mother and child, and pro-life organizations all across the country spend millions of dollars every year providing material and emotional support to mothers in need.

What Miranda cannot or does not want to recognize, perhaps because it is too painful, is that the “human cost of abortion” does not just affect women. The purpose of every abortion is to intentionally kill a baby in the womb – a unique, living human being. That baby’s whole future, their life, their rights are destroyed in an abortion.

This is why pro-lifers are not swayed by women’s pro-abortion stories, because they know that their unborn babies were denied the chance to live. The hardships, the struggles that women face while seeking abortions are not reasons to end babies’ lives. Pro-lifers want to help women and their babies through these struggles by fixing the root causes. Ending an innocent child’s life does not solve anything; it only creates more pain and loss. Pro-lifers know this, especially the many mothers who have had abortions themselves and realized too late that the cost were their unborn babies’ lives and a lifetime of regret.