Texas Pro-Life Group Behind Abortion Ban Saving Thousands of Babies Faces Bomb Threat

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 7, 2021   |   7:00PM   |   Austin, Texas

Texas Right to Life, the pro-life group behind the Texas abortion ban that has saved thousands of babies from abortions, faced a bomb threat at its Austin office. This is the second bomb threat in three months as abortions activists online have made the pro-life organization the subject of vicious verbal threats ever since the abortion ban went into effect.

As the pro-life group informed LifeNews.com today,a suspicious letter arrived in the mail saying that it should receive the bodies of aborted babies, and the sender conspired to “bomb [Texas Right to Life]” because of our efforts to pass, defend, and enforce the Texas Heartbeat Act.

Police arrived on the scene around 11:40 a.m. to investigate. Making a bomb threat is a criminal offense with a penalty of up to $4,000 and nearly a year in jail.

The pro-life group says the threats made to it and its staff from abortion activists have been intense over the recent months, including the first bomb threat made in September.

“Since the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect September 1, abortion advocates wished rape upon our female staff and their daughters, left vicious voicemails, circulated the home addresses of employees online, and threatened to bomb our offices twice within four months. Texas Right to Life has taken proactive measures to ensure the safety of our staff since we became the target of violent messages online and by phone due to the Texas Heartbeat Act,” it told LifeNews.com.

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“Abortion advocates are targeting Texas Right to Life because they know we are the most stalwart defenders of preborn children. We will not be silenced, and we will never stop working to protect Life,” the pro-life group added.

Texas Right to Life President Elizabeth Graham told LifeNews that her group is praying for the person or persons behind the threats, that their heart may be softened.

“Devaluing life inside the womb inevitably leads to violence outside the womb. These recent crimes demonstrate the brokenness, anger, and pain of the pro-abortion movement. We pray for the perpetrator, that he or she may find healing in Christ, and we ask for prayers for our staff,” Graham said.

The Texas Heartbeat Act is still in effect today and saves an estimated 100 children and their mothers per day from abortion. Today was the 94th day the abortion ban has been in effect.