Australia is Denying Life-Saving Organ Transplants to Unvaxxinated Patients

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 6, 2021   |   2:18PM   |   Canberra, Australia

Australia has announced it will deny transplants to unvaccinated patients, which could potentially put millions of Colorado residents’ lives at risk if the need a transplant to save their lives. The state of Queensland has indicated it will deny life-saving organ transplants to patients who have not received the COVID vaccine.

Queensland Health, the official government health agency, has released a policy saying patients must have “a minimum requirement of two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to receiving a kidney, lung or heart transplant.”

“Queensland follows national and international practices regarding transplantation and vaccination protocols,” the department said in a statement. “The safety and wellbeing of all our patients is our number one priority.”

A recipient is highly immunosuppressed post-transplant, which is why it’s incredibly important for the person to be vaccinated prior to transplant. Queensland Health prioritises safety before, during and after a transplant,” the department said. “That is why the Queensland Kidney Transplant Service has endorsed a minimum requirement of two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine prior to receiving a kidney, lung or heart transplant.”

“Prior to transplant and as per normal process, the recipient must ensure all of their vaccinations are up to date. The COVID-19 vaccination is no different,” it added.

This new policy will put people’s lives at risk over a vaccine for something that 100s of millions of people have recovered from and has a 99%+ recovery rate.

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Here’s more:

Patients who choose to forgo receiving the COVID shot will be forced to wait until the restriction is removed to have their respective procedures, according to 7News, with the policy set to be officially reviewed in February 2022.

Similar occurrences of health-related institutions denying medical care based on vaccination status can also be found in the United States. In October, the Cleveland Clinic announced it will require all organ transplant donors and recipients to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

“Vaccination is particularly important in these patients for their safety. For the living donor, preventing COVID-19 infection around the time of a surgical operation is crucial,” the hospital system said in a statement. “For the transplant candidate, in addition to a major operation, medications taken after an organ transplant weaken a person’s immune response.”

Other American medical institutions mandating similar requirements include UC Health in Colorado, UW Health in Wisconsin, and the University Hospitals Transplant Institute.

UCHealth, a Colorado-based hospital system affiliated with the liberal University of Colorado, has made the decision to deny organ transplants to unvaccinated patients in “almost all situations.”

And for one Colorado resident, her decision to not get the COVID vaccine has resulted in her getting rejected for a kidney transplant.

A local state representative has highlighted how the decision is already have disastrous effects for patients. The Blaze has more:

The rules made headlines on Tuesday after Rep. Tim Geitner (R-Colo.) announced that the health system denied a kidney transplant to an area woman because she did not receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

In a statement, Geitner called the practice “disgusting.”

He shared a letter that he said the unnamed patient reportedly received last week from the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.

In its letter, the health system said:

The transplant team at University of Colorado Hospital has determined that it is necessary to place you inactive on the waiting list. You will be inactivated on the list for non-compliance by not receiving the COVID vaccine. You will have 30 days to begin the vaccination series. If your decision is to refuse COVID vaccination you will be removed from the kidney transplant list. You will continue to accrue waiting time, but you will not receive a kidney offer while listed inactive. Once you complete the COVID vaccination series you will be reactivated on the kidney transplant list pending any other changes in your health condition.

The politics surrounding COVID and the vaccines has apparently reached such an absurd point in the Rocky Mountain state that now vaccination status could determine whether you live or die. That’s the opposite of health care and is essentially the denial of lifesaving medical treatment that abrogates the right to life.