Telemundo Calls Unborn Children “Products” in News Report on Texas Abortion Ban

National   |   Kathleen Krumhansl   |   Nov 11, 2021   |   11:14AM   |   Washington, DC

The viewers of Telemundo’s Hoy Día learned a new pronoun for the unborn: product. Yup, babies are now products, as per a report featuring anchors Nicole Suárez, Nacho Lozano and veteran journalist Martin Berlanga, who catches himself as he is about to say “baby” in a report about the Texas Heartbeat Law, and stopped mid-word to replace it with the callous, dehumanizing term.

Watch as three Telemundo journalists discuss the “restrictive” Texas abortion law that saves babies as if referring to a robot:

NICOLE SUAREZ: All eyes are on the Supreme Court, which on Monday is going to review the controversial Texas abortion law.

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NACHO LOZANO: We are two months away from its enforcement. The restrictive measure represents a challenge to women’s reproductive rights set out in the constitution. Martin Berlanga is with us at the main table and will explain what is at stake today.

MARTIN BERLANGA: There are many things at stake, especially the right to decide for your body, in the case of many women, but also the right of many others defending the right to life for that bab… eh, product.

One curious novelty in this report that pushes the same fallacies about abortion (including that at six weeks of pregnancy women don´t know that they are pregnant) is a newfound sympathy for Brett Kavanaugh, who the liberal media hope will turn pro-abortion.

According to Berlanga: “And what experts now question is, if the law is blocked, whether others will give up on their attempts at similar laws; but for it to be blocked this time, one of the judges of the Supreme Court would have to change his position to the decision made a week ago. And, it is believed that the most vulnerable one to do so could be the conservative justice Brett Kavanaugh, who is more sensitive to public opinion, and to the image that the highest judicial power in the country is giving the population.”

Whatever the Supreme Court finally decides, no child deserves to be objectified. In truth, a person who calls a baby “a product”, raises a red flag, not for the person´s view of human life, but of his own.

LifeNews Note: Kathleen Krumhansl writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.