The View Blames “Racist” White Women for Republican Victories in Virginia

National   |   Kristine Marsh   |   Nov 3, 2021   |   3:28PM   |   Washington, DC

A surefire sign that you’re losing an argument is when you resort to personally attacking your opponent. After Democrats lost in Virginia’s gubernatorial election Tuesday night, the media pulled out the race card from 2016, saying that the Republican candidate won because of racist whites (even though Republicans also elected the first black female lieutenant governor).

That pity party continued on The View Wednesday where they discussed the Virginia race. For the second day in a row, the liberal co-hosts shouted down their conservative guest host, NFL reporter Michele Tafoya, for pushing back on their DNC talking points about Critical Race Theory and education.

Tafoya began by assessing the economy was one of the most crucial issues moving voters to support Republicans: “33% of voters coming out of those votes said economy was their number one choice. That was number one. It’s the economy.”

But the liberal hosts didn’t want to concede that the GOP had a winning message. Joy Behar argued Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe had been hurt by Democrats in Washington unable to get Biden’s agenda accomplished, which disenchanted liberal voters.

Sara Haines dismissed the flip from blue to red because this had been a trend after a presidential election for decades in Virginia. She also griped that Trump being banned off of social media may have helped Republican Glenn Youngkin: “The problem is, they say that might have helped, because without him not being right there, and people associating the Republican ticket with Trump, they  were able to stay discreet.”

But Sunny Hostin bitterly complained Trump was “very present” in the election. Completely removed from reality, she also claimed Democrats didn’t put enough effort into convincing voters that CRT wasn’t “real” (see how wrong she is on that here).


SUNNY HOSTIN: I actually think it did stick. I actually think Trump was very present. I think he made a lot of phone calls for Youngkin and I think Youngkin was careful not to mention Trump by name but he was Trump all in and if you look at the exit polls, 57% actually of white women voted for Youngkin, much like 55% of white women voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton and what they said during the exit polls was that CRT was their most pressing issue.

TAFOYA: 33% said the economy.

SUNNY HOSTIN: Yeah but 55% is a lot more than 33%.

TAFOYA: Of those women, but not of total voters.

HOSTIN: I think what’s interesting is that, you know, Democrats are not good with the messaging that CRT is fake. 

BEHAR: It doesn’t exist in the school system. It’s in law school. Only. 

Tafoya went on to argue with Whoopi Goldberg again over whether or not CRT-like material was being taught to kids in school. Despite actually having seen this firsthand with her own kids, Whoopi and Hostin again told Tafoya that CRT wasn’t taught in schools.

Goldberg insisted conservatives just wanted to hide the country’s history of racism. “You cannot put in a different name, you can’t pretend we didn’t go through this,” she sneered. Hostin backed her up. “It was a racial reckoning,” she said, referring to the George Floyd riots and opposition to CRT.

But Tafoya pointed out it was the left who wanted to erase history. “No one is pretending [slavery didn’t happen],” she shot back. “In fact I think when we whitewash history by getting rid of certain names, statues and people and Laura Ingalls Wilder references then we forget,” Tafoya argued. ABC tried to cut her off by playing exit music. But Hostin still was given the space to repeat her nasty assertions a Republican won because of racism:

HOSTIN: I suspect that the 57% of white women that voted for Youngkin do want to pretend that it didn’t happen and they don’t want their white children —

TAFOYA: I wouldn’t suspect that of those women, that’s not true.

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LifeNews Note: Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center where this originally appeared.