Texas Gov Greg Abbott Signs New Congressional Map Strengthening Republican Congressional Seats

State   |   Andrew Trunsky   |   Oct 26, 2021   |   6:40AM   |   Washington, DC

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas signed the state’s new congressional map into law Monday, solidifying Republicans’ strength across the state, The Texas Tribune Reported. Texas Democrats said that the map unfairly underrepresented minority communities responsible for the state’s growth.

Abbott signed off on the map one week after the Republican state legislature advanced it, according to the Tribune. The congressional map shores up multiple GOP incumbents who beat Democratic challengers by single-digit margins in 2020, and it creates an opportunity for other Republicans to flip a swing district in the Rio Grande Valley.

The map includes two new seats in Austin, the state capital, and Houston, making Texas the only state in the country with two additional seats this upcoming decade.

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Despite the map’s official adoption, it may be met with lawsuits from Democrat-backed groups who argue that it unfairly groups minority communities in a way that dilutes their political representation. One group, Voto Latino, sued the state just minutes after Abbott signed the map.

The Texas legislature passed a bill limiting abortion access in May and an election reform bill that limits early voting hours and increases voter identification requirements in September.

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