Mob of Antifa Radicals Disrupts Pro-Life Prayer Vigil Screaming “F— Your God!”

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 21, 2021   |   6:41PM   |   Denton, Texas

Antifa radicals in northern Texas disrupted a pro-life prayer vigil earlier this week. Students at the University of North Texas set up a display of crosses to memorialize the 63 million babies killed in aboritons but leftist Antifa protestors disrupted the event screaming and changing “F— Your God.”

The Young Conservatives of Texas (YCT) organized hosted the prayer vigil but it was soon drowned out by dozens, perhaps hundreds of radical abortion activists associated with the violent leftist group. They chanted blasphemous slogans and attempted to drown out the small group of students gathering to demonstrate against abortion, according to a Fox News report.

They apparently came to try to shut down the pro-life event after online radicals organized them together. The pro-life students expected 10 to 20 counter protestors but were quickly subjected to harassment and intimidation when a an agressive leftist mob showed up.

Kelly Neidert, who founded the UNT chapter of YCT and has chaired it since 2019, is unsure where all of the protesters came from but speculated they might have been summoned by an advertisement that circulated on social media earlier in the day. The ad was emblazoned with the three-arrow insignia of Antifa.

“Fascists are organizing in your area,” read a release apparently directed to members of Antifa in the area of the university, which is approximately 40 miles north of Dallas. “Tonight the young conservatives have invited groyper influencers & white nationalists such as Lance Johnston to a pro life ‘vigil’ in supporting christo-fascist abortion legislation.”

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“They harassed us, they were throwing things at us,” she said. “They were chanting things. They brought all sorts of instruments that they were playing to drown out whatever we were saying. They brought their megaphones, they brought whistles.”

Neidert said some of the protesters tried to pick fights with the pro-life students, told them to kill themselves, and followed them to their cars to harass them.

In one of the videos obtained by Fox News, the pro-life students chant, “Christ is king!” to which a protester responds by chanting, “F*** your God!”

In another video, a protester screams through a megaphone that she “loves sacrificing children.”

Neidert told Fox News she often fears for her safety on campus because of threats from radical leftists.

“I think they just really hate anybody who doesn’t agree with everything that they believe,” she said of her opponents. “And they just really don’t know how to cope with other people who have different beliefs. So they want to silence us and say that we’re wrong, because they just don’t understand that some people believe differently.”