Kentucky Legislator Plans Major Pro-Life Bill to Save Babies From Abortion

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 21, 2021   |   4:13PM   |   Frankfort, Kentucky

Kentucky state Rep. Nancy Tate, R-Brandenburg, is working on a massive pro-life bill for 2022 to protect the health and safety of mothers and their unborn babies.

Tate outlined plans for her Humanity in Healthcare Act on Wednesday during a joint legislative committee meeting, Kentucky Today reports.

Her plans include adding new safety regulations for abortion drugs, ensuring parents have the ability to consent before an underage daughter has an abortion, expanding conscience protections for pro-life employees and more.

Addia Wuchner, executive director of Kentucky Right to Life, praised Tate’s plans during the meeting.

“Reflected in this piece of legislation is good healthcare (and) good medicine, addressing many areas,” Wuchner said.

One of Tate’s proposed measures would make sure the abortion industry reports botched abortions and other complications as well as the distribution of abortion drugs, according to the report. Some abortion groups now are selling abortion drugs by mail without ever seeing the woman in person.

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Here’s more from the Lexington Herald Leader:

Just over half of abortions performed in Kentucky last year were non-surgical, meaning patients who got an abortion did so with medication. The bill takes aim at this type of procedure by adding a series of oversight measures to track the distribution of such pills, first by creating an abortion-inducing drug certification program, which would require “all distributors, manufacturers, and physicians to become certified before handling aborting-inducing drugs.” Tate said it “would be very unfortunate for individuals to receive mail-order medication and not to receive advice from their doctors. They need to understand what the implications are.”

She also plans to add information about the abortion pill reversal treatment to the state informed consent requirements.

Tate said her goal is to protect the health and safety of both mothers and their unborn babies.

In addition, Tate’s legislation would make sure that parents are involved when an underage girl wants an abortion. Kentucky already has a parental consent law, but her bill would close loopholes that abortion activists use to skirt the requirement.

“It is very important for us to make sure that these children have parental consent before they [make] such a life-altering medical decision,” Tate said, according to the Herald Leader. In public schools, “we don’t even want our children taking aspirin without parental consent.”

The current state law allows underage girls to request a judge’s permission for an abortion, rather than her parents’. Tate’s bill would add a requirement that the courts base their decision on “clear and convincing evidence” that the underage girl is mature enough to understand the impact of her decision, the Courier Journal reports. Courts also would be required to report the number of requests that they granted and the reason for each.

Other parts of her bill would apply conscience protections to pro-life workers beyond the medical field and require abortion facilities to bury or cremate the remains of aborted babies.

“As a human baby, it should not be treated as medical waste,” Tate said.

She plans to introduce the legislation in the 2022 legislative session. Republicans have a super-majority in the state legislature, enough to override vetoes by pro-abortion Democrat Gov. Andy Beshear.

The state health department reported 4,104 abortions in 2020.