WNBA Players Attack Texas Abortion Ban, Call Killing Babies a “Human Right”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 18, 2021   |   11:13AM   |   Washington, DC

Members of the WNBA criticized Texas for protecting unborn babies from abortions Sunday in a huge, expensive ad in the New York Times.

The full-page ad, sponsored by the WNBA player’s union and several pro-abortion groups, claims that pro-life advocates “dehumanize” women and destroy their “human rights” when they ban abortions, Mediaite reports.

The Texas heartbeat law prohibits abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, about six weeks of pregnancy. Pro-life leaders estimate the law has saved more than 3,000 babies’ lives since it went into effect Sept. 1.

However, the WNBA athletes flipped the issue upside-down, ignoring how abortion dehumanizes unborn babies and destroys the most basic, fundamental human right of all: the right to life.

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They argued that “reproductive rights are human rights” and bans on abortion “dehumanize us, deny our fundamental freedoms and attempt to dictate our most basic rights.”

“As professional athletes, our bodies are our instruments. Our livelihoods. Our craft. Which means control of – and over – our bodies, both on and off the basketball court, is about much more than athletic performance, earning potential or personal politics,” their ad states.

Layshia Clarendon, the first “nonbinary” WNBA player, shared the ad on Twitter, writing, “Abortion, birth control, and fertility care are vital—not just for athletes who can get pregnant, but for all families and gender identities.”

Planned Parenthood, Athletes for Impact, Seeding Sovereignty, Sister Song and Noise for Now also helped to sponsor the full-page ad.

Abortions are not human rights, they destroy human rights. At the moment of conception, a unique, living human being comes into existence, and the purpose of every abortion is to kill that human being, the woman’s own child.

The Texas law is saving as many as 100 babies from abortion every day and has the potential to save tens of thousands more. In 2020, about 54,000 unborn babies were aborted in Texas, and about 85 percent happened after six weeks of pregnancy, according to state health statistics.

Last week, a federal appeals court refused to temporarily block the law. However, the court battle continues, and it is uncertain whether the U.S. Supreme Court ultimately will uphold the law as constitutional.