Democrat Activist Thanks His Mom For Killing His Sibling in an Abortion

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 14, 2021   |   6:30PM   |   Washington, DC

Texas abortion activist Saatvik Ahluwalia is proud of his mother for her humanitarian work helping millions of children across the world.

As he should be. But Ahluwalia attributed her success, in part, to her decision to abort his oldest sibling in a column at Ms. magazine this week, according to The Blaze.

He seemed to realize that his argument actually demeaned his mother’s capabilities by suggesting she was not smart enough or capable enough to be a mother and an international humanitarian leader. However, Ahluwalia justified it anyway, saying life would have been more “difficult” if she hadn’t aborted his sibling.

“The choice that is being taken away from millions of Texans makes me think of my mom, Poonam Ahluwalia. She had an abortion and it allowed her to change the world,” he said. His mother died in 2019.

Ahluwalia said his mother and father found out that they were pregnant for the first time just as they were beginning their life together. They decided that they could not support a child, so his mother had an abortion, he wrote.

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She went on to earn a master’s degree at Boston University and then work for former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis before becoming pregnant again, he said. When he was born, he said his mother stayed home to raise him and later adopted his sister.

As her children grew older, she returned to work, first with the international Education Development Center and later Youth Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (YES), a non-profit that she founded to help millions of young people find meaningful employment in poor countries across the world, he said.

Ahluwalia implied that his mother’s decision to sacrifice her unborn child to a violent abortion death was justified because she achieved so much and having a third child would have made those achievements much more difficult.

He wrote:

Could my mom have given birth to my sibling and still changed the world? Maybe. Could she have given birth and put my sibling up for adoption? Maybe. But either of those options would have made her life, and our family’s, much more difficult. …

If my sibling was born, my mom would have faced far greater odds of being unemployed, of living below the federal poverty line, and being more prone to mental health issues. All of those things would have had a negative impact on my older sibling and, had I been born and my sister adopted, on us too.

Ahluwalia said he is worried that his 4-month-old daughter may not have access to abortion someday, like his mother did.

“My mom is just one of millions of people whose lives were better because they had an abortion. Not because she was able to reach great heights of success, but because she had control over her future—something all of us want,” he wrote.

But abortion denies a future to human beings who already exist – unique, living, irreplaceable human beings like his sibling who also deserved a right to life. Abortion does not erase a potential person; it kills a valuable human being who is unlike anyone else who ever was or ever will exist.

Facing an unplanned pregnancy is difficult, but women are resilient and capable. And pro-life advocates are there to reassure and support women so that they never have to even think that they need to kill their own unborn child to thrive.