CNN and MSNBC Promote the Same Abortionist Trashing the Texas Abortion Ban

State   |   Brad Wilmouth   |   Oct 11, 2021   |   9:54AM   |   Washington, DC

Any long-term observer of national news shows can attest that the left-leaning networks often seem to be reading from much the same script as they report from within the same liberal bubble.

But on Friday morning, CNN and MSNBC may have outdone themselves in displaying group think as both networks interviewed the same liberal pro-abortion guest almost within five minutes of one another to let her fret over how “heartbreaking” it is that so many women have been unable to abort their unborn babies in Texas.

After Amy Hagstrom Miler — a Texas abortion provider — published a piece in the Los Angeles Times, CNN and MSNBC must have been falling over one another trying to get an interview. MSNBC got to go first at 9:34 a.m. Eastern with Yasmin Vossoughian filling in. Noting that after the Texas heartbeat abortion law was blocked by a court ruling, the MSNBC host informed viewers that Whole Women’s Health started performing abortions again.

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In a near Freudian slip, Vossoughian almost stated that the abortion providers “should” be sued as she set up the segment:

We want to get to Texas where some clinics have resumed performing abortions after a judge temporarily suspended a state’s law which imposed a near total ban on the procedure. That is in spite of the fact that those clinics should — could actually be sued if the law is reinstated down the road.

After the MSNBC host asked her guest why she was willing to take the risk of being sued, Miller called it “heartbreaking” that some women are unable to dispose of their unborn babies:

So we’ve had to turn hundreds of people away over the last five weeks — people who are seeking abortion care because it’s the best decision for their health – for their families — for their work life — for their education — for their dreams and their future. And it’s heartbreaking to look people in the eyes and deny them the health care that they need.

Vossoughian then quoted from the article recently published by her guest:

I want you to talk to us a little bit more for us, Amy about how this time has been for you. And with that, I want to read a quote about a woman that visited one of your clinics the day before the law was put into effect in Texas.

“The young woman arrived at the first appointment to the clinic on August 31st. She was a drug user, and set to begin serving a five-year prison sentence in a week. … She already had three children at home. She didn’t want to deliver a baby in jail. She dropped to her knees on the cold tile floor in front of director Marva Sadler, begging her to take her, to perform the abortion.”

Miller went on to repeat that it was “heartbreaking” to tell women they were unable to perform an abortion they wanted.

After the interview wrapped up at 9:38 a.m., if one were flipping channels, it was like deja vu on CNN just over five minutes later as Miller was interviewed by fill-in host Erica Hill, where Miller repeated her claims of finding the experience “heartbreaking.”

Hill declared that the court ruling that allowed abortions to continue was a “reprieve” for women, and Miller also hyperbolically accused pro-life activists of engaging in “domestic terrorism” against her clinics.

MSNBC’s cheerleading for abortion was sponsored in part by The Farmer’s dog, and the segment on CNN was funded in part by vmware. Their contact information is linked.