Abortion Comedy is a Total Failure Because Killing Babies is Not Funny

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 9, 2021   |   7:12AM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists are not just trying to make abortion “normal” anymore. They also want to make it funny.

But there is nothing humorous about killing an unborn baby in an abortion. Writing at The Federalist, Brenna Lewis of Students for Life said abortion activists’ attempts at comedy are flopping because almost no one, not even most Americans who support abortion, think abortion is a joking matter.

It’s no secret that Hollywood is on board with the pro-abortion agenda, but some are trying to take it to a new extreme with comedy. These include NARAL Pro-Choice America and Abortion Access Front, both of which have campaigns to make “abortion comedy,” Lewis wrote.

Abortion Access Front has been hosting “abortion comedy” shows across the U.S. for years, and NARAL recently began trying to tap into comedy to promote the killing of unborn babies in abortions, too.

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Lewis continued:

In a recent article for McClatchy DC, [NARAL] admitted that pro-abortion digital efforts are losing to pro-life ones in educating and winning people over. They even confessed that people were using “pro-life language” in their own focus groups.

To combat the effectiveness of pro-life media, NARAL decided to enlist comedians as the voices of pro-abortion advertising in places like podcasts and YouTube videos.

Then there is late-night comedian Samantha Bee, who keeps trying to make abortion jokes despite her low ratings.

In September, Bee slammed South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and her general counsel Mark Miller after the pro-life governor issued an executive order restricting dangerous abortion drugs.

“It’s weird that he’s pro-life because with a face like that, I would want to be dead,” Bee said. “You can’t be pro-birth if you look like you broke out of a cloning pod before you finished.”

A few movies attempting to normalize and joke about killing unborn babies in abortions have been made in recent years, too. “Obvious Child” is one, and “Grandma” another. Neither did very well at the box office.

Lewis said these flops are not surprising. She pointed to polls from Gallup and Vox showing that even many abortion supporters “choose the middle, believing that abortion should always be a hard decision.”

“Note the key difference between methods; where NARAL and Hollywood elites try to bully through the wealthy and famous, it’s the little pro-lifers who have no such notoriety who are winning with grassroots activism and a message of genuine love and service,” Lewis wrote. “Abortion is a tragedy, not a comedy, and almost everyone outside of Hollywood knows that fact.”

There is nothing funny about killing an unborn baby. Nothing.