WATCH: Pro-Abortion Protesters Admit They Don’t Care if Unborn Babies are Human Beings

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 7, 2021   |   12:13PM   |   Washington, DC

So, human rights are not for all human beings after all.

At least that is what abortion activists admitted on video last week at the pro-abortion Women’s March in Los Angeles, California.

The Federalist intern Spencer Lindquist asked attendees about their opinions on abortion and challenged them to consider scientific facts about unborn babies, including their heartbeat, their unique DNA and their ability to feel pain.

“If we could prove that a fetus was a life, would that change your perspective on abortion?” Lindquist asked.

Over and over again, the response that he received was, “No.” None of that mattered. To abortion activists, circumstances, convenience and “choice” are more important than a baby’s life.

He commented:

The abortion disagreement is usually framed as follows: the right, believing that the fetus is a life, asserts that abortion is murder, while the left claims that the fetus is a “clump of cells,” or that it is otherwise not yet a living being and can therefore be disposed of at will.

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As our video from the protest proves, however, this characterization is far too charitable. It doesn’t account for the people who simply do not care whether a fetus is a human life, and are willing to candidly admit it.

One man told Lindquist that he thinks it is ok to kill an unborn baby in an abortion even if the baby has a heartbeat.

Another woman who bragged about donating to a pro-abortion group named after a demon said she always puts “a woman first, period” – regardless of whether an unborn baby is alive.

Lindquist continued:

Some of the responses I got were “f— them kids,” “absolutely not,” and just an indignant “no” that made the interviewee sound astonished that I’d even asked the question to begin with. One protester even told me that he was entirely unbothered by the fact that some unborn babies have struggled for their lives.

What was so appalling about these exchanges wasn’t just the answers, but the flippant attitude with which the entire topic was discussed. There seemed to be no internal moral struggle taking place.

Other prominent abortion activists have dismissed the fact that an unborn baby is a unique, living human being, too. Recently, British actress Jameela Jamil admitted that she aborted her unborn baby because her life “matters more than an unborn human” and she just did not want to be a mom.

Every abortion kills an innocent human being, the woman’s own child. At the moment of conception, a unique, living human being comes into existence, complete with their own separate DNA, which already has determined their hair and eye colors, their sex and numerous other traits.

Pro-abortion groups often claim to be fighting for human rights, but their goal is the opposite. Abortion destroys the most basic, fundamental human right of all: the right to life.