The Women’s March Doesn’t Represent All Women, Just the Minority of Women Who Support Abortion

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 1, 2021   |   6:24PM   |   Washington, DC

The Women’s March has a huge “no invite” list this year.

No women with coat hangers – because protecting women from unsafe abortions is apparently a “right wing talking point” now. All the abortion activists with coat hanger tattoos will either have to cover them up or stay home this year, less they be accused of being radical “anti-choice” zealots.

No women wearing red Handmaid’s Tale costumes either. Apparently, they are racist.

But the biggest “NO” is pro-life women.

Because the Women’s March is really a pro-abortion march and has been since it began.

The march is scheduled for Oct. 2 in Washington, D.C., with about 500 smaller marches planned on the same date across the country.

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When the Women’s March began in 2016, leaders touted it as a welcoming, multi-issue event to unite all women in calling on society to support and respect their rights. However, its pro-abortion agenda quickly became clear when leaders initially welcomed and then kicked out several pro-life feminist groups because they believe unborn babies deserve rights, too.

This year, organizers are making no secret of their pro-abortion agenda. The theme is “Rally for Abortion Justice.”

“We are witnessing the most dire threat to abortion access in our lifetime,” the Women’s March website states. “That’s why we’re marching in every single state and in our nation’s capital Washington, D.C. – on October 2 before the Supreme Court reconvenes. We need to send an unmistakable message about our fierce opposition to restricting abortion access and overturning Roe v. Wade before it’s too late.”

This new pro-abortion theme is divisive and excludes millions of women who believe human rights can never include killing an unborn baby.

“In placing abortion above all else, these abortion activists quickly lose women like me – and the millions of baby girls whose lives have been lost to abortion since 1973,” Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life, responded on Twitter. “Authentic women’s rights must never trample on another’s basic right to life – including that half of humanity which are female lives!”

The Texas heartbeat law is a key target of the Women’s March’s, but one recent poll actually found stronger support for pro-life heartbeat laws among women than men. Other polls have found that women are more likely than men to oppose late-term abortions, and a recent YouGov poll found that an overwhelming majority (72 percent) of young women ages 18 to 35 support at least some restrictions on abortion.

That leaves just a small fraction of women who are welcome at the Women’s March.

“Abortion extremism” would be a more accurate theme for the march, Susan B. Anthony List responded Friday. “The policies they support are far outside the mainstream of what most Americans think about this issue.”

This includes millions of pro-life women as well as millions more who are middle-of-the-road on abortion, supporting it in limited circumstances but not for any reason without limits.

The Women’s March even wants to cancel the “back alley abortion” talking point that abortion activists have been using for decades to argue that legalized abortions are necessary to protect women from dangerous self-induced abortions.

The reason? They do not want to give women the impression that “self-managed abortions are dangerous, scary and harmful” – which is exactly what they are. Radical abortion activists now are openly advocating for self-induced abortions, selling abortion drugs in the mail to women (or their abusers) – and the Biden administration is letting them do it. Abortion activists want this to become the new normal.

No voice for pro-life women. No rights for women before birth. No protections for women from dangerous DIY abortions. And no middle ground.

The Women’s March can no longer hide behind any facade of being pro-women. It is pro-abortion and pro-billion dollar abortion industry. Nothing more.