Pennsylvania Gov Says Pro-Life Women Rallying Against Abortion are a Bunch of Women Haters

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 28, 2021   |   10:08AM   |   Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf slammed thousands of pro-life women and girls at a pro-life rally Monday in Harrisburg, calling them “anti-woman” and “anti-choice.”

Approximately 3,000 people – women, men and children – gathered on the Capitol steps for the first Pennsylvania March for Life, urging lawmakers to protect unborn babies in their state and promising to fight against abortion activists’ attempts to force taxpayers to pay for abortions.

During the rally, the crowd booed Wolf, a pro-abortion Democrat with close ties to Planned Parenthood, and cheered for pro-life lawmakers in both parties who are working to protect unborn babies in the state legislature.

The large, enthusiastic crowd seem to have disturbed Wolf, who issued a cutting statement on Twitter right after the event.

“Today’s ‘March for Life’ in Harrisburg is just an anti-woman rally by a different name,” Wolf wrote. “They want to remove health care options during pregnancy – a time when so many already can’t access life-saving care. I’ve vetoed 3 anti-choice bills. I’ll veto any others that come to me.”

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Abby Johnson, one of several speakers at the rally, laughed at the governor’s claims. She shared how she quit her job at Planned Parenthood 13 years ago after watching an unborn baby be aborted on an ultrasound screen.

“’Anti-woman rally’ where the majority of attendees and speakers were women. Lol. You are a joke,” Johnson responded on Twitter.

Christine Flowers, a popular conservative columnist in Pennsylvania, called Wolf a “despicable individual” for disparaging pro-life women.

“How DARE you speak for women? Thank God you will be out of office soon,” Flowers wrote in response to his comments. Wolf’s second term ends in 2023, and several pro-life candidates are campaigning to replace him.

Another pro-life speaker, Ryan Bomberger, a Pennsylvania native and founder of the Radiance Foundation, also responded to Wolf by sharing how his mother chose life for him after she was raped.

“Thank God my birthmom rejected the violence of abortion,” he told Wolf in a tweet. “I was adopted instead. Thank God my 9 adopted siblings’ birthmoms chose to be stronger than abortion, too. Yet you want people like us to be aborted.”

Bomberger and his siblings were spared from the violence of abortion, but 2 million other unborn babies in Pennsylvania were not.

Since 1973, “well over 2 million unborn babies have lost their lives to abortion in Pennsylvania alone,” said Michael Geer, president of the Pennsylvania Family Institute, which organized the march. “Every day in our commonwealth, the lives of over 80 unborn babies are taken through abortion. And that’s why we march. It’s time for this to end.”

Wolf and his allies at the billion-dollar abortion chain Planned Parenthood want to do the opposite. They want to expand the killing of unborn babies in abortions.

Recently, Wolf vetoed the Down Syndrome Protection Act, which would prohibit an abortion if the sole reason is because the unborn baby has a Down syndrome diagnosis. He also vetoed a bill that would have protected second-trimester unborn babies from brutal dismemberment abortions.

The governor’s pro-abortion priorities even got in the way of expanding health care during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. In early 2020, Wolf vetoed a bipartisan health care expansion bill because it did not include a provision to expand abortion drugs. State medical groups as well as pro-life organizations criticized the governor for prioritizing pro-abortion politics above health care.

Americans support strong limits on abortion. A 2019 Hill-HarrisX survey found that 55 percent of voters said they do not think laws banning abortions after six weeks – when an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable – are too restrictive. Gallup polls also consistently have found that a majority of Americans think all or most abortions should be illegal.

A recent Gallup poll found that 52 percent of Americans want all or almost all abortions to be illegal, while 45 percent want abortions to be legal in all or most circumstances.

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