First-Ever “Quitters Ball” Celebrates People Who Quit Their Jobs at Abortion Clinics

National   |   Kristina Hernandez   |   Sep 23, 2021   |   11:22AM   |   Washington, DC

And Then There Were None, the only organization in the nation to actively assist people who work in the abortion industry to leave, to find new jobs, and to obtain healing from the horrific things they saw and participated in, held their first ever “Quitters Ball” in Dallas, Texas this past weekend honoring these former workers, affectionately called “quitters” by the ministry.

“Never before has this many former abortion workers been in the same room together and on the side of life,” said Abby Johnson. “Abortion workers are overlooked in the national conversation on abortion, yet they are just like us, people who went to work trying to support their families and wanting to help others. But they discovered the abortion industry does just the opposite: they harm women and their families. Their stories are ones of courage, redemption, and healing and I am so proud of them.”

And Then There Were None was founded by Abby Johnson in 2012 after she realized there were no organizations where former abortion workers could find the kind of solidarity that comes from uniquely shared experienced. The ministry has helped nearly 600 workers leave the abortion industry and aids them with financial assistance, resume writing, job search help, free counseling from licensed therapists on staff, and healing retreats.

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“One of the most incredible aspects about our quitters is that not only are they leaving the clinics but many have started their own ministries to support life, to get their friends out the clinics, to tell their own stories,” said Johnson. “They are profoundly courageous and every single one has a compelling story. These workers have seen the depths of hell and came out the other side even stronger.”

The Quitters Ball is the first of its kind of event. Never before has any event honored people who have quit the abortion industry in such a way as this extraordinary event. About 50 former abortion workers were in attendance at the Quitters Ball. There was no charge to attend and a generous donor covered the cost of the event.

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