Whoopi Goldberg Promotes Killing Babies in Abortion, Then Claims “We’re All Pro-Life”

National   |   Lydia Switzer   |   Sep 22, 2021   |   1:37PM   |   Washington, DC

It’s really clear that some of the liberal hosts of The View don’t even listen to themselves when they talk. If they did, they’d realize how insane it is to suggest that they are “all pro-life.” On Tuesday, even the presence of Republican guest co-host Carly Fiorina and absence of Joy Behar could not curb the other co-hosts’ outlandish and false claims regarding abortion and the pro-life movement.

The deeply pro-abortion Whoopi Goldberg lectured Fiorina: “We’re all pro-life.” She then opened the segment by commenting on efforts by legislators in both Texas and Mississippi to limit abortions in their state:

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I also am a fan of life. I don’t think anyone who has an abortion is not a fan of life…the abortion laws do not force any woman to get an abortion. No one is forced to get an abortion. It is a difficult thing to decide to do…I like the idea that if my family or if I need it, it is there for me.

Goldberg has no problem with abortions being legal, despite being a “fan of life,” since no one is forced to have an abortion. One has to wonder if this logic applies to other methods of ending life as well.

Fiorina, former Republican presidential candidate and businesswoman, joined the show as a guest co-host, presumably as a moderating voice. However, she spent most of the segment attempting to find common ground with her ideological opponents, agreeing with Goldberg despite being “the only pro-life person at this table.”

Goldberg immediately pushed back, saying, “we’re all pro-life at this table,” and Sunny Hostin added, “I would fall under the rubric of what’s traditionally called pro-life.”

Both seem to forget not only Goldberg’s monologue two minutes earlier, but also the countless examples of pro-abortion rhetoric displayed on The View. Less than two weeks ago, on September 10th, guest  America Ferrera claimed that pro-life laws are racist, while the show hosts sat back and agreed. On September 7th,  Joy Behar called Republicans “the Taliban in America” and said pro-life legislation is “hatred of women.”

With such clearly pro-abortion statements, it’s not shocking that the liberal hosts of The View have no idea what being pro-life means. However, they’re not just out of touch with the Republican viewpoint; they’re also supposedly ignorant of the real Democrat abortion agenda.

“The Republican Party, the Texas law is extreme, but the Democrat Party’s policy position is abortion at any time in a pregnancy for any reason right up until the bitter end. That is also extreme,” said Fiorina. Co-host Sara Haines expressed shock: “I don’t know anyone who thinks that.”

Hostin tried to deflect the conversation and cry hypocrisy, bringing up vaccine hesitancy among Republicans. When that failed to stick, she made up a statistic, saying “I don’t have the numbers, but Republicans also are largely in favor of abortion when it comes to the first trimester.” The real number, according to Gallup polls, is 42% of Republicans who support the legalization of abortion in the first trimester.

The four co-hosts wrapped up the segment by pivoting to the legal precedent of Roe v. Wade, expressing hope that the Supreme Court will hold true to that precedent and continue to enable women to get abortions legally.

Not pro-life, by any stretch of the imagination.

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LifeNews Note: Lydia Switzer writes for Newsbusters, where this column originally appeared.