Joe Biden “Strongly Supports” Nancy Pelosi’s Bill to Overturn Every Pro-Life Law in America

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 21, 2021   |   9:01AM   |   Washington, DC

The White House has released a new statement about a Democrat bill the House will vote on this week that Nnacy Pelosi is pushing that would overturn every pro-life law in America that saves babies from abortions. Joe Biden “strongly supports” the measure.

The so-called Women’s Health Protection Act, “would invalidate nearly all existing state limitations on abortion,” said Jennifer Popik, director of federal legislation for National Right to Life.

“This legislation would also prohibit states from adopting new protective laws in the future, including various types of laws specifically upheld as constitutionally permissible by the U.S. Supreme Court,” she said.

But that’s just fine with America’s radical pro-abortion president.

A statement of administration policy from the Office of Management and Budget said the White House “strongly supports House passage of H.R. 3755, the Women’s Health Protection Act of 2021.”

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Leading pro-life advocates warn that it is the most pro-abortion bill ever considered in Congress.

Tom McClusky, president of March for Life Action, told the Washington Examiner that “Joe Biden’s descent into abortion extremism has reached a new low with his support of this legislation.”

“This bill goes far beyond codifying Roe v. Wade. It seeks to overturn the hundreds of state laws across the nation that protect women and the unborn — and would effectively outlaw new pro-life laws without federal permission,” McClusky said.

Biden, Pelosi and other pro-abortion extremists want the bill approved as a response to the new Texas abortion ban that protects babies starting at 6 weeks when their heartbeats can be detected in a sonogram.

The White House called the Texas law “extreme” and said the law “blatantly violates existing Supreme Court precedent established under Roe v. Wade nearly half a century ago.”

“In the wake of Texas’ unprecedented attack, it has never been more important to codify this constitutional right and to strengthen health care access for all women, regardless of where they live,” the statement said. “The Administration looks forward to working with Congress as the Women’s Health Protection Act advances through the legislative process to ensure that this bill codifies and is consistent with the protections established by Roe and subsequent Supreme Court precedent.”

Fortunately, the bill would face an uphill battle in the Senate, where pro-life Republicans can filibuster the measure and where at least one Democrat, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, would likely vote against it.

Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life, said the measure “would essentially remove all legal protections for unborn children on the federal and state level. The Women’s Health Protection Act is, in effect, a no-limits-on-abortion-until-birth bill.”

“Tragically, the only ones to benefit from such a law would be abortionists and abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood,” she added. “This legislation endangers women and their unborn children, would expand taxpayer funding of abortion and would no longer require that a woman be given information about the development of her unborn child.”

The bill would end bans on elective abortions being performed after 20 weeks “when an unborn child is capable of feeling pain,” it said, and bans on the use of abortion as a method of sex selection.”

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“Anti-sex selection laws generally have broad public support in the states in which they are enacted, including support from substantial majorities of women,” NRLC said. “The bill would also invalidate most previously enacted federal limits on abortion, including federal conscience protection laws and most, if not all, limits on government funding of abortion.”

If passed, here is what this bill would do:

  • Eliminate all state and federal parental consent laws in relation to abortion
  • Eliminate all state informed consent laws, including those that allow women to view an ultrasound prior to abortion
  • Prevent states from passing laws to protect babies at 20 weeks, thereby joining countries like North Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, and the Netherlands in not protecting unborn children later in development
  • Force doctors and nurses opposed to abortion to lose their jobs, and Catholic hospitals could lose public funds unless they perform abortions
  • Eliminate decades-long limitations on direct taxpayer funding of abortion – including the popular Hyde Amendment, which has saved over 2 million lives since enacted
  • In short, overturn all federal and state pro-life laws, and go further to make it illegal for elected officials to even introduce pro-life legislation

“As you can see, this bill would take pro-abortion extremism to a new and alarming level. To make matters worse, they have even erased all references to ‘women’ from the language of the bill, strangely only keeping it in the feel-good title,” McClusky said. “The radicalism of this Congress and their attacks on the inherent dignity of the human person are unprecedented. In the face of this bold radicalism, we must also raise our voices and defend mothers and the unborn from this agenda.”