Abortionist Brags About Killing 67 Babies in Abortions in 17 Hours: It Was “Tremendous Teamwork”

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 17, 2021   |   10:24AM   |   Fort Worth, Texas

How do you know that abortion is evil? When an abortionist kills 67 babies in abortions in 17 hours and then brags about it like a football player celebrating scoring a touchdown to win the big game.

As LifeNews has reported, the staff at the Whole Women’s health abortion business in Fort Worth, Texas worked up until midnight Aug. 31 to abort unborn babies before the Texas heartbeat law went into effect. At the time, Marva Sadler, who runs the abortion facility, described the “fear, stress and heartbreak” that permeated the Whole Woman’s Health abortion facility in Fort Worth that evening.

“I worked through tears until midnight on Wednesday as our small but mighty team of eight staff made sure every one of our patients received their [abortion] – and they did,” she said then.

In total, her facility’s 80-something-year-old abortionist and staff did 67 abortions in 17 hours that day. The 67 abortions – each destroying a unique, irreplaceable human child – were a major accomplishment she claimed.

Now, the infamous abortionist himself is speaking out and celebrating the deaths of the babies whose lives he snuffed out.

Jasbir Ahluwalia, an 83-year-oldabortionist, told the liberal web site Vice that he’s proud of their deaths.

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“I will continue to serve and walk through the front door of an abortion clinic and take care of the patients,” for at least another 10 years he told The Vice. As proof of just how popular he is, you need look no further than August 31, 2021. “The workers—they want to take care of the patients. That was an amazing, amazing attitude I saw for the first time in all these 50 years of practice of medicine,” he said, adding, “I saw tremendous, tremendous teamwork that night.”

Ahluwalia even noted how the abortion center staff were “joking” that they had plenty of food to get them through the long night of aborting babies — joking as they are ending the lives of little children.

The abortionists likened killing 67 unborn children to fighting a war. he views it as a war against pro-life lawmakers and pro-life Americans. But in his war, babies are the casualties.

This was like, ‘We’re going to fight a war.’ This is a war against the politicians, and we’re going to fight and win. We’re not going to turn around anybody. And it went on by the book. We did not take any shortcuts. Everything was done properly. I was really amazed.

Ahluwalia not only bragged about killing the babies, he wished he had killed more. And he admitted to killing babies who were past the 6-week abortion deadline in the new Texas heartbeat law — which means their hearts not only had been beating for weeks but would be easy to hear on a sonogram.

“We do reject a lot of patients, and that’s very sad,” he noted in his interview.

The only good news in what amounts to a slasher film in real life is that the next day, when the abortion ban took effect, the abortion business had little or no business.

There’s nobody in the clinic. It’s like an empty clinic,” he said. “You couldn’t imagine the difference between night and day. And there’s nothing we can do about it. It’s a law, it’s in effect, we have to observe it. So it was a very sad, hollow feeling. Is this what we’re dealing with? Is it really true? Is it a dream that we have an empty clinic.”

Basically, I’m still a surgeon and I cannot do surgeries,” Ahluwalia said.

But he can. Like thousands and thousands of doctors who don’t kill babies he can actually help patients instead of killing them.