Portland Protests Texas Abortion Ban By Spending $200,000 to Kill More Babies in Abortions

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 16, 2021   |   10:49AM   |   Washington, DC

Portland, Oregon is one of the most liberal cities in America — so much so that its mayor allowed Antifa and other domestic terrorists to take over portions of the city, threatening residents and closing down businesses.

Not only does Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler not care about his own city’s residents, he doesn’t care about women and children in the state of Texas. Wheeler pushed his city to respond to the Texas abortion ban, which has saved at least 2,000 babies from abortions so far according to some estimates.

So how did Portland respond? It has decided to protest the ban by sending $200,000 to abortion businesses to kill more babies in abortions.

Wheeler and three city commissioners voted in favor of the resolution on Wednesday. Commissioners Carmen Rubio, Dan Ryan, and Jo Ann Hardesty all voted yes.

Commissioner Mingus Mapps delivered the one dissenting vote.

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“The vote I take today is one of the most difficult votes I’ve had to make,” said Mapps during his comments before voting. He said while there were parts of the resolution he supported, he also believed that “allocating $200,000 of Portland taxpayer dollars to fund reproductive care for women from Texas is a highly unusual expenditure which does not advance a meaningful legal or legislative challenge to Texas’ unconstitutional anti-abortion law.”

Mapps noted that he put forth three alternatives or compromises to the resolution, including an amendment that would remove the expenditure from the resolution and delaying the vote to allow time for public testimony. The majority of the council disagreed with these proposals.

As the second-to-last to vote on the resolution, Wheeler said:

“With regard to the criticism that this is money that should not be spent, I want to be clear, that once people make the decision to come from anywhere to our community to take advantage of the health care opportunities that exist here, we are going to serve them alongside people who are from the city of Portland. And so the dollars that would be going toward this effort are in fact for people who will walk into health care providers in our community, particularly those who do not have access or experience barriers to access, I think it is very important that we make this statement with $200,000.”

Using the typical language of abortion activists — calling killing babies health care — Portland has decided to fund abortions instead of funding actual health care or legitimate and tangible support for pregnant women. Women in need should receive help in the form of child care, education assistance, medical care, insurance needs, baby items, etc. While pregnancy centers offer this kind of actual support for women every day, abortion activists just fund more abortions — leaving women still in need.

The Texas law is already saving hundreds of babies from abortion, as some abortion centers have stopped abortions completely or stopped doing 80-90% of them.

The Biden administration continued its interference in Texas’s efforts to save babies from abortion Tuesday, filing an emergency request with a Democrat-appointed judge to block the new state heartbeat law.