MSNBC Calls Pro-Life Americans Violent, Ignores How Violent Abortions Kill Unborn Babies

National   |   Kristine Marsh   |   Sep 7, 2021   |   9:20AM   |   Washington, DC

In the mixed up world of far-left MSNBC, the real threat of violence at an abortion clinic is not from the doctor performing the gruesome killing, but from pro-life activists picketing or praying outside. During at least two shows on Monday, MSNBC hosts and guests had full blown meltdowns over Texas’s new law restricting abortions and smeared pro-life activists as violent extremists terrorizing vulnerable women.

On Deadline:White House always rational host Nicolle Wallace whined like a teenager who just got grounded. “There are women in Texas today who feel like their lives are over,” Wallace wailed.

“I just think we can’t lose sight in our political analysis of the daily hell now that is any woman who doesn’t have this choice available to her,” she moaned, adding that every woman is Texas is now “a victim.”

Her guest, MSNBC legal analyst Matthew Miller, hailed the Department of Justice touting how they would not “tolerate violence” against anyone seeking an abortion in Texas. He insisted that this was a routine occurrence: “And it’s important that the department said that because every time this issue is in the news, the threat of violence does unfortunately rise at clinics and the department has an obligation to police that.”

This “threat” is overstated, to put it bluntly. According to the pro-abortion National Abortion Federation’s latest report, there have only been 11 people that have been killed in attacks at abortion clinics since 1977. Contrast that with the 600,000+ babies killed in abortion in this country, every year.

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Wallace and her guests ended the segment encouraging radical measures to combat the law such as “reforming the court” (ie: court packing) and “reforming the filibuster” (ie: get rid of it.).

That activism and hand-wringing analysis was repeated on MSNBC Reports during the 7pm hour.

Civil rights lawyer and MSNBC guest Nancy Erika Smith lost it over the law, resorting to smears and other falsehoods to tear down conservatives.

…Biden and the Democrats have to immediately fix the Supreme Court. They — the Republicans stole a seat, Gorsuch is up sitting there — from Obama. They put Amy Coney Barrett there during, during an election. Voting had actually started. And Kavanaugh, an accused rapist — credibly accused rapist, they have packed the court. And we have to fix it. We have a radical Supreme Court beholden to very right-wing idealogues. The idea they would let this law sit there and not stop it is outrageous.

That’s when Smith compared pro-life citizens to the KKK hunting down run-away slaves: “It’s much like the Ku Klux Klan act stopped catching slaves in free states after the Dred Scott decision. Bounty hunters were allowed to go into free states and steal slaves back and bring them back to the South,” she stated before melting down again at the “ruthless” conservatives:

We need to fight this as hard as we can because these people are ruthless and they will do anything. If you have been near an abortion clinic recently, and I have, it is so abusive to women what is happening there. They had bright lights out the minute this became law on September 1st. Looking into women’s cars. How do you know how pregnant a woman is, by the way? Most women don’t know they are pregnant by six weeks. But how do you know that? Does the law give them the right to violate HIPPA and get women’s medical records?

Fellow guest, The New Yorker’s Irin Carmon also hyped the threat of violent pro-life activists being a real concern now.

And at those clinics, we all know that every time abortion is sort of in the public eye, this is a daily reality at clinics that can always get worse, the violence and the intimidation outside of clinics accelerates. It is already–I have reported at many, many abortion clinics. It is already a scary situation to walk in. The individuals are just — women and other people who are getting abortions are just trying to get their medical care. And they are screamed at. There are expletives, threats of violence…

The media is constantly trying to tarnish anyone on the right as a violent extremist, without any basis, while they ignore blatant violence from the left. Not to mention, the irony of worrying about violence outside a murder clinic is lost on them.

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LifeNews Note: Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center where this originally appeared.