CNN Thinks Killing Babies in Abortions is Good for the Economy

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 7, 2021   |   5:43PM   |   Washington, DC

CNN, no longer making any attempt to appear fair and balanced, published a piece Tuesday attacking the new Texas heartbeat law under the headline, “Why Texas’s strict abortion law is terrible for the economy.”

The article — not labeled a column or opinion piece – by CNN business reporter Anneken Tappe asserts that having children hurts women’s careers and financial earnings. She pointed to data showing that women who are mothers tend to earn less than men because they take time off to raise their children.

But her “report” suggested that not being able to abort an unborn baby is even worse for women. Tappe claimed that “being denied an abortion causes massive financial distress.”

As evidence, she pointed to the Turnaway Study, a widely-touted project of abortion activist Diana Greene Foster and others at University of California San Francisco. The study, which pro-life researchers say includes “big flaws,” followed women who wanted abortions but were denied them for various reasons.

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According to the CNN report:

An analysis of credit reports from women who took part in the Turnaway Study … shows that not being able to terminate an unwanted pregnancy increases the amount of debt past due for 30 days or more by 78%.

It increases the instances of negative public records like bankruptcies and evictions by 81%.

Sarah Miller, an economics professor at the University of Michigan who analyzed the study, said women who wanted abortions but did not get them fared far worse financially than other women who had abortions and then had children later in life.

Greene Foster told CNN that they also found that many of the women lacked support from their families and partners, key sources of financial and emotional support.

“When a woman is denied an abortion, we found that in the long run she is not supported by a partner or her family,” she said.

Pro-life advocates agree that this is a huge problem. Women who seek abortions often do so because a partner or family member is pressuring or forcing them to abort their unborn baby. Coercion and abuse are common among women who have abortions.

But abortion activists fail to recognize that the real problem is not the baby. It’s the finances and lack of support for the mother. Pro-life advocates in Texas and all across the world are working to expand support for pregnant and parenting mothers for this very reason. Texas lawmakers, for example, invested $100 million in pregnancy and parenting support programs this spring around the same time when they passed the heartbeat law.

Journalists and abortion activists are missing something else, too: Money isn’t everything. The exact same Turnaway Study that they often site found that 96 percent of women who wanted abortions but were turned away later no longer wished that they had had one.

In other words, almost every mother who had her baby later was glad that she did not have the abortion. These mothers seem to have realized that their child’s life was worth more than money or a career, that their child’s life was worth the sacrifices.

From every angle, journalists in line with the abortion industry are trying to convince the public that killing unborn babies is good. Good for women. Good for health care. Good for the economy, the environment and America as a whole.

But they never get around to mentioning that this “good” involves violently killing unique, irreplaceable children for basically any reason up to birth. Or that nearly 63 million children are missing from the U.S. today because they were killed in abortions. Or that millions of other children are alive today, thriving and successful, loving and being loved because their mothers rejected the temptation of abortion and chose life.