Florida and Other States May Pass Laws Like the Texas Ban to Save Babies From Abortion

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 3, 2021   |   1:56PM   |   Washington, DC

The Texas abortion ban has already saved countless babies from abortion and has not been blocked in court — making it the first state to successfully protect unborn children from abortion, at least for a short period of time.

Now, pro-life legislators in Florida and several other states are looking at passing a similar pro-life laws:

State Senate President Wilton Simpson issued a statement Thursday, saying it was “worthwhile to take a look at the Texas law and see if there is more we can do here in Florida.”

Speaker of the House Chris Sprowls also issued a statement showing support for tougher pro-life measures.

In a press conference Thursday, Governor DeSantis indicated he would support pro-life legislation but also added the Supreme Court’s decision didn’t address Roe v. Wade and instead focused only on technicalities in Texas’ case.

Other Republicans are also showing support for a potential abortion bill.

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“As someone that believes life begins at conception, there is no greater legislation I think we can put forth, that protects life,” said Rep. John Snyder (R – Stuart) in an interview with CBS 12 News. “Anything that we can do, even if it saves one life, that’s why I signed up for this job.”

Snyder said he is aware of Republican legislative colleagues already drafting abortion bills for the upcoming session, which begins in a few weeks.

“We’re tracking what’s happening in Texas right now very closely. I know, I am personally, and I can tell you my phone is blowing up not only from constituents but from other House members,” he added.

Lawmakers in South Carolina and Arkansas are also weighing the possibility of Texas-style legislation.

In Arkansas, Senator Jason Rapert, who sponsored Arkansas’ first unsuccessful Heartbeat bill in 2013, said Thursday that he had ordered a bill to update state law to reflect Texas law.

“I look forward to working with my fellow legislators … to pass this important legislation before we postpone the legislative session,” Lappert said on Twitter.

Earlier this year, South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster signed the South Carolina Fetal Heartbeat and Abortion Protection Act. It banned abortion when a heartbeat was detected.