Joe Biden’s Abysmal Failure in Afghanistan Reminds Us How We Need a Pro-Life President

Opinion   |   Tom Glessner   |   Aug 31, 2021   |   10:25AM   |   Washington, DC

The news regarding Afghanistan has created consternation among the American public. Some grapple with a loss of confidence in our future. Fear, uncertainty and doubt appear to grip the minds of many.

The Biden administration’s incompetence, malfeasance and corruption in creating the current tragedy in Afghanistan cannot be understated. During the current turmoil, Americans must be reminded of who we are and what we stand for. While devastating, the losses and setbacks we have experienced in Afghanistan do not mean defeat. America must continue to uphold the values upon which it was founded and protect all human life.

We are America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are founded upon the truth that all humans are created equal and granted by the creator fundamental, inalienable rights that no government can take away. We are the liberator of millions from oppression. As Americans, we must remember who we are.

The Taliban is a brutal regime that will maintain murder and terror to control its people. Christians and other religious minorities will be martyred. Women will be subjected to violent oppression and thousands seen as U.S. supporters will suffer brutal public executions. The Taliban will export such atrocities to other parts of the world as it associates itself with regimes of terror such as Iran, China, Russia and North Korea.

Dark days may be descending upon the world. We must pray for divine protection and intervention. However, the greatest clarion call for the American republic is to stand strong, be brave and remember who we are. There is no greater example of America’s goodness than as seen in some of the recent images and footage coming out of Afghanistan. American soldiers can be seen holding Afghani babies, providing water and comfort to children and families and giving assistance to frightened Afghani citizens.

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The most powerful of such videos shows an American soldier lifting a newborn infant into temporary safety inside the airport compound. The child was given to the soldier by Afghans standing outside the barrier at the airport. This is true America. The life of a tiny baby has value even in the face of Taliban brutality and terror.

Americans must continue to boldly display to the world our values, which liberate and do not oppress. Protecting all human life is a foundational American value that must be asserted. Our nation will be faced with another opportunity to preserve human life in the months ahead.

Soon, the U.S. Supreme Court will review a Mississippi law that prohibits abortion after 15 weeks in a pregnancy. This concept flies in the face of the tragic precedent established in Roe v. Wade, which prohibits bans and serious restrictions on abortion before what it defines as “viability.”

Upholding the Mississippi law in question will allow states to prohibit pre-viability abortions. Such a decision will cut the heart out of Roe. It will also allow states to protect the lives of unborn children at all stages of development.

There is nothing significant in drawing the line of protection for an unborn infant at 15 weeks, as Mississippi has done. If a state may do this at 15 weeks, then why not 10 weeks? Why not five weeks? Why not when the baby’s heart starts beating at 21 days? Why not at conception?

In short, a victory for Mississippi upholding its abortion law will be a blow to the continuation of Roe v. Wade as a constitutional precedent. The Supreme Court should simply overturn Roe and throw this oppressive decision into the ashbin of history where it belongs.

America remains, at its heart, a nation that values human life. Despite the defamation of America by disciples of the woke movement, the American people care about the lives of every individual. This is because at the heart of our nation is the foundational belief that every person is created equal and given value by our creator.

The Taliban has given us a tragic setback. However, we are not defeated. As Americans, we must continue to protect all human life – born and unborn, regardless of age, gender, race, handicaps or condition.

LifeNews Note: Thomas Glessner, J.D., is president and founder of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, or NIFLA, a pro-life nonprofit that made history and headlines in the Supreme Court case NIFLA v. Becerra.