CNN is Shocked to Learn Even Democrats Want to Recall Gavin Newsom Too

State   |   Kristine Marsh   |   Aug 26, 2021   |   1:00PM   |   Sacramento, California

After weeks of scoffing at the bipartisan effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom as a “GOP stunt,” CNN finally discovered Democrat voters are just as fed up with Newsom. On Don Lemon Tonight on Wednesday, correspondent Kyung Lah seemed shocked to learn that lifelong Democratic voters in the dark blue state were turning on Newsom and supporting the recall effort.

Host Don Lemon opened Lah’s report touting how President Biden was traveling to California “to help” the embattled Democratic governor, as the September 14 special election looms near. Even Lemon noted Newsom was struggling to keep his own voters:

“And it looks like Newsom is going to need Biden’s help as he appears to be facing an uphill battle with his own Democratic base. Voters upset with rising crime, the cost of living, out of control wildfires, and homelessness,” he declared, before playing Lah’s report.

Sitting down with three registered Democratic voters, Lah admitted surprise at learning these women weren’t happy with Newsom or the Democrat party’s leadership in California: “You’d think rejecting the recall of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom would be a no-brainer for these three Los Angeles voters. But it’s not.”

Confessing they were “disappointed” by the Democratic Party, the voters blamed Newsom for the state’s severe homelessness problem:

WEAVER: I have to say I’m really leaning very heavily towards the recall.

LAH (on camera): To recalling the governor?

WEAVER: Yeah. You know, I’m disappointed in the Democratic Party in general.

LAH (voice-over): Disappointed with the party in control with a supermajority of California State government, while problems grow: wildfires, drought, crime, cost of living, but the worst for them? Homelessness, which has expanded throughout the pandemic, now in neighborhoods across middle-class Los Angeles, including their own.

HELSETH: It’s like let me work. Let me pay my taxes. But provide me with safety and not be accosted by two homeless people within the matter of 15 minutes.

LAH (on camera): Is this Governor Newsom’s fault?

SANDOVAL: I mean, technically, how can I even answer that? He’s the leader. It’s — everything starts from the top and it goes down.

While Newsom was “blaming Republicans,” the journalist noted Democrats were still nervous because the race was tight. Lah spoke to a Democratic strategist who conceded that the homelessness crisis was upsetting even liberals:

LAH (voice-over): But all politics is local, says Democratic strategist Michael Trujillo, who warns there are trouble signs for his party.

LAH (on camera): Do you think they are nervous based on what you are seeing?

MICHAEL TRUJILLO, DEMOCRATIC STRATEGIST: I — I’m nervous so they’re definitely probably 100 times more nervous. Homelessness is — I’ve never seen an issue like this so potent. It’s making progressive voters moderate, because they’re so upset.

After playing soundbites from two Republican opponents on this very issue, Lah turned back to the three voters she was interviewing. The journalist sympathized with their horror over electing a Republican, but revealed they were “willing to send a message to Democrats” by voting to recall Newsom. “How will it make you feel if a Republican is elected?” she asked, as one confessed, “Sick.”

Lah touted they were “unwilling” to support a Republican but were willing to “risk sending a message to their party.” Her interview ended with the question, “Do you feel that Gavin Newsom is listening to you?”

That was met with nervous chuckles from the three women. “That’s a good question,” one admitted.

LifeNews Note: Kristine Marsh is Staff Writer for MRC Culture at the Media Research Center where this originally appeared.