Woman Says Singer R. Kelly Forced Her To Get An Abortion Against Her Will

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 24, 2021   |   10:04AM   |   Washington, DC

R&B artist R. Kelly faced accusations of abuse and sex trafficking, including forcing a young woman to abort her unborn baby against her will, on Monday in federal court in Brooklyn, New York.

The Daily Mail reports six women have accused Kelly, 54, of sexual abuse and other crimes. He faces charges of sex trafficking, forced labor, racketeering and kidnapping. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Testifying Monday, one of Kelly’s accusers, “Jane,” said he controlled, abused and manipulated her for five years beginning when she was 17, and forced her to have an abortion when she became pregnant, NPR reports.

“Jane” said Kelly noticed her when she attended one of his concerts in Orlando, Florida in 2015 and had someone give his phone number to her. Still in high school, “Jane” said she aspired to be an R&B singer and was excited about the chance to audition for Kelly.

However, when she met Kelly in his hotel room, she said he pressured her into having oral sex in exchange for the audition. “Jane” said Kelly promised to “take care of me for life,” according to NPR.

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She and Kelly met several times and had sex, and later she moved in with him, she testified Monday. She admitted that she told him she was 18, the report states.

Eventually, “Jane” said she told Kelly that she wanted to go home to finish high school; instead, he arranged for her to be homeschooled by one of his other girlfriends, according to her testimony.

Over time, she said he became more controlling and abusive, forcing her to live under strict rules such as not being allowed to talk to men or leave her room without permission, even to use the bathroom. When she disobeyed, she said he hit her or spanked her, leaving bruises, and he once beat her with a shoe, the Daily Mail reports.

She said he forced her to have sex with other women as well, and he recorded their sexual encounters.

Then, in 2017, when she became pregnant, she said he forced her to abort her unborn baby against her will – another victim of his alleged abuse.

Kelly’s trial is expected to continue for several weeks.

Abortion and abuse frequently are linked, and for many women, abortion is not a choice at all. Some are pressured or forced by abusers to abort their unborn babies, while others are abused or killed for trying to protect their unborn children from violence.

As LifeNews previously reported, one study found that 64 percent of post-abortive women said they felt pressure to have the abortion.

Several studies also have linked domestic violence to abortion. In these cases, some women were forced or pressured by partners into having abortions, while others believed having an abortion would help them escape abuse. A 2011 study in the journal “Obstetrician and Gynaecologist” found that almost 40 percent of the women seeking abortions had a history of physical abuse and relationship issues.

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