Now That Andrew Cuomo is Gone He Needs to be Prosecuted for Killing Thousands of Seniors

Opinion   |   Bobby Schindler   |   Aug 24, 2021   |   8:51AM   |   Washington, DC

Earlier this month, Andrew Cuomo resigned as the Governor of New York due to his sexual deviancy. However, it appears Cuomo will never face justice for his policy decisions that placed patients diagnosed with COVID-19 back into their nursing homes with at-risk residents.

Predictably, it was a tragedy as the infected patients transmitted the virus to the residents, who were sitting ducks, condemning them by the thousands to premature and preventable deaths.

Lest we forget his history of disregard for life, it was Cuomo, a professing “Catholic” governor, who instructed that One World Trade Center and other New York landmarks be lit in “pink” to celebrate the passage of the Reproductive Health Act (RHA) in 2019.

The RHA not only expanded existing abortion rights for all New Yorkers, but the new law also eliminated protections for babies who survive an abortion. In other words, if a baby is born alive from a “failed” abortion, the baby can be left to die, which can only be defined as infanticide.

Cuomo is representative of the character of people we have elected as our politicians and policymakers. These vociferous anti-life activists, along with a compliant media and an outspoken, anti-life secular culture, loathe having to care for or protect the vulnerable: the unborn, the cognitively disabled, the dependent elderly, and others who they have determined are “sub-human,” who in their view exist only to complicate their self-important daily lives.

Recently, there was a report from a Quebec nurse who exposed the provincial health department instructions to administer morphine and Ativan to Covid-19 patients at her nursing home, most likely accelerating their deaths. The nurse stated, “I had never seen deaths happen so quickly.”

The response from a Canadian health care official was, “The objective is not to find a guilty party but to formulate recommendations in order to avoid future tragedies.” Just as likely with the case of Cuomo, there would be no punishment for those responsible for these illicit Canadian policies that imposed death on countless innocent patients nor any justice for their families.

In the wake of the pandemic, one can only imagine how often similar types of “dictated death policies” have occurred and still exist in U.S. health care facilities, not to mention also happening on a more widespread, global basis.

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But it is not simply the pandemic that exposed the disdain for the disabled and others who are not capable of fighting these death merchants for themselves; this casual disregard for human life has become endemic to society.

In her May 2020 article, The Legacy of St. John Paul II’s Encyclical ‘Evangelium Vitae’, author Elise Italiano Ureneck underscores St. John Paul II’s emphasis on teaching the moral wrong of abortion and euthanasia and his belief that such actions have become sanitized to the point that many no longer recognize them as murder.

This is the challenge of a society that abandons its Judeo-Christian values. We revere Hollywood celebrities, athletes, musicians, and politicians, instead of venerating Christ. Nothing happens in a vacuum and once secularism and anti-Christian principles infiltrate our institutions, what follows is the absence of truth, morality, and the belief in Christ Himself. With it, the certainty that human beings are made in the image of Christ merely exists in the land of make-believe.

Ironically, as we live in times where everyone is being accused of having a bigoted heart, open and unapologetic intolerance is aimed at those who have no self-defense, as the medically reliant are sentenced to premature deaths for the crime of being no longer capable of contributing to society.

It is why my family, in response to my sister Terri Schiavo’s inhumane death, established the Terri Schiavo Life & Hope Network to lock arms with families to help them protect their loved ones from those who society deems “mentally and physically inferior” as worthless and disposable.

Decades of a nihilistic and radical teaching from academia have fostered an atheistic worldview, and no longer is there a duty to protect and provide healing and care for our sick. While there are physicians, nurses, and caretakers who grasp the sacredness of life, too many medical professionals can no longer be trusted allies to preserve life.

ow can anyone who does not believe in the God-given dignity of our most medically vulnerable, work to provide them healing and life-affirming care?

We certainly cannot rely on our politicians to legislate protections for the vulnerable when they are blameworthy for crafting laws that have placed their lives at risk in the first place. And we cannot look to most clergy for their leadership when they have been watching from the sidelines since the crucifixion of Christ.

So, who can we trust to guard the lives of patients who are in the crosshairs of this morally bereft culture? More importantly, who will assure them that they will experience a natural death and not a death that is caused by an intentional act?

The simple answer is that the best chance for someone incapacitated to have a chance to receive appropriate treatment is to appoint a healthcare agent in a protective durable power of attorney for health care. This is a trusted person you identify who will not only make your medical decisions but will fight like hell if the situation turns hostile and your expressed medical decisions are not being obeyed.

One would hope this person would be a God-loving family member. In many cases, it will be a person’s only chance that their medical care decisions will not be made by money driven strangers. Because in today’s world, we need saints looking out for our best interests, not sinners.