Miracle Baby Boy Survives Abortion and is Born Healthy: “He’s a Miracle”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 20, 2021   |   11:13AM   |   Washington, DC

A mother on TikTok just shared an amazing story about how her abortion failed and her son miraculously survived.

The woman, who is not named in reports, said she decided to have an abortion last year because she and her boyfriend were struggling financially and did not know if they could handle another child, The Sun reports. Both have children from previous relationships.

“I had an abortion, but he was born anyways,” she told her followers on TikTok, sharing a short video of her with her young son. “He’s a textbook miracle.”

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Back in 2020 when she learned that she was pregnant, she said she and her boyfriend were not in a good situation.

“We weren’t stable financially or mentally,” she said. They both were having problems with the parents of their children from previous relationships as well, she continued.

An abortion seemed like a good solution, so she went to an abortion facility and opted for a medical, or drug-induced abortion, according to the report. She took the first abortion pill at the facility and then four more at home the next day, and soon began to bleed, she said.

Here’s more from the report:

The mum went on to explain that despite her bleeding she went on to experience pregnancy symptoms for a further five days, with the clinic instructing her to take a second dose of the pills.

She repeated the process and experienced the same bleeding in what she described as a “textbook abortion.”

The mum explained that patients are then instructed to take a pregnancy test a few weeks after their abortion – and she was shocked to discover that hers was positive.

When she went back to the abortion facility a third time, she said they confirmed that she still was pregnant and offered her a surgical abortion. She said she decided against it after learning it would cost more money.

“So I left, deciding I was having a baby,” she said.

The young woman said she and her boyfriend got married, and, soon afterward, their baby boy was born.

Now, she is grateful for her son’s life, especially knowing that he survived against all odds.

“I love my kid, of course I do,” she shared. “I decided to have him. I could have still got the surgical abortion. He’s a textbook miracle.”

Many women regret aborting their unborn babies, but it is nearly impossible to find a mother who regrets choosing life. A widely-publicized study by pro-abortion researchers at the University of California San Francisco confirmed as much. The Turnaway Study found that 96 percent of mothers who were denied abortions no longer wished they had had one after their baby was born.