Botched Abortion Killing 31-Year-Old Woman is a Reminder Abortion is NOT Health Care

International   |   SPUC   |   Aug 18, 2021   |   1:32PM   |   London, England

A panel of independent experts is set to investigate the death of a woman from sepsis less than four weeks after she underwent an abortion. Michael Robinson, SPUC Director of Communications, said: “This case highlights the very real danger of abortion, which continues to go unreported because of the reluctance of the mainstream media to recognise it.”

Sarah Louise Dunn, 31, a mother of five, died at Blackpool Victoria Hospital on 11 April 2020 following an abortion.

Ms. Dunn had visited her local GP more than once when she became ill after an abortion. When her condition did not improve, she called the NHS 111 helpline and was taken by ambulance to the local A&E where she died of sepsis in the early hours of 11 April.

An initial review of her death carried out by a doctor based at Blackpool Victoria Hospital concluded that it would not have been possible to save Ms Dunn. However, her family requested that an independent inquiry take another look at the circumstances of her death.

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Speaking on behalf of the family, Richard Baker said: “It would be unsatisfactory for Sarah’s family for this to degrade into a debate about whether someone is telling the truth or is biased.”

A full investigation into her death, including evidence from doctors and nurses, as well as Ms. Dunn’s GP and pharmacist, is set to take place this November.

SPUC’s Mr. Robinson said: “This is an extremely concerning case that highlights the lethality of abortion, not only to unborn children but to women as well, who can suffer terrible physical and mental consequences because of an abortion.

“One study found the complication rate for abortion to be 6.7%. Reported rates of actual infections after surgical abortions range from 0.1% to 4.7%, although death rates remain difficult to assess, chiefly because of inadequate reporting. (See SPUC’s updated publication Abortion and Women’s Health)

“Despite this, the UK Government has pressed ahead with its DIY home abortion scheme, even though complications after medical abortion are four times higher than surgical abortion – 20% compared with 5%.

“The thoughts of all of us at SPUC are with Ms. Dunn’s family after this terrible event. We hope that this independent investigation will be transparent and establish the truth about her tragic death. In the meantime, there should be an immediate halt to the DIY home abortion scheme to prevent any further unnecessary deaths.”