Nancy Pelosi Arrests Pro-Life Americans Protesting Her Plan to Fund Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 13, 2021   |   12:14PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-life advocates were arrested Thursday for peacefully protesting against taxpayer-funded abortions on the steps of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Stanton Public Policy, the advocacy branch of a pro-life women’s healthcare group, and its Purple Sash Revolution led the protest in support of the Hyde Amendment, according to a press release from the organization.

President Joe Biden and Democrat leaders in Congress are trying to get rid of the long-standing amendment and force taxpayers to fund abortions. The Hyde Amendment prohibits taxpayer funding for elective abortions in Medicaid and other federal programs.

One of the pro-lifers who was arrested was Danielle Versluys, chief operating officer for Stanton Public Policy.

“Last week, Cori Bush was allowed to protest [the eviction moratorium] and camp out for several nights on the Capitol steps. The U.S. Capitol Police stood by and watched …” she said in a statement. “Yesterday, Stanton Public Policy members took our message to the very same public platform as Congresswoman Bush, asking Congress to protect our most vulnerable citizens — babies in the womb.”

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The pro-life advocates carried signs that read “Taxpayers shouldn’t pay for abortion violence,” “Pro-life for the whole life,” “Hyde saves human lives” and “Birth is a human right.” In less than 10 minutes, however, she said they were arrested by Capitol Police.

“We were peaceful, respectful, and asking simply for the same rights afforded Ms. Bush. Instead, our message was swiftly silenced,” Versluys said.

The pro-life organization is discussing its legal options after the arrests.

Stanton Public Policy slammed the U.S. Capitol Sergeant at Arms and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a pro-abortion Democrat, for trampling on their First Amendment rights by allowing some people to protest their causes on the Capitol steps while prohibiting others from doing the same.

The Rev. Patrick Mahoney, chief strategy officer for the pro-life organization, warned Americans of the implications of such treatment by America’s top leaders.

“America and freedom are endangered when political elites can arrest citizens in the public square just because they disagree with their message,” Stanton said.

Pelosi and other Democrat leaders are trying to get rid of the Hyde Amendment in federal spending bills and force taxpayers to pay for the killing of unborn babies in elective abortions.

Since 1976, the Hyde Amendment has saved an estimated 2.5 million babies’ lives, including about 60,000 each year, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute.

Polls consistently show that most Americans oppose taxpayer funding for abortions.