Pro-Life Billboard Removed After One Day Because of Death Threats From Abortion Activists

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 11, 2021   |   12:34PM   |   Austin, Texas

A Texas billboard calling on society to protect unborn babies by ignoring Roe v. Wade was removed Tuesday after the landowner received death threats.

FaithWire reports the billboard, sponsored by Abolish Abortion Texas, was on display for about a day before the advertising company removed it.

Set up along a highway in Boyd, Texas, the billboard was a simple design that included the words “62 million dead and counting” – referring to the number of aborted babies since Roe v. Wade in 1973 — along with the website

“That’s all that was on it: a website and a statement. No graphic images, no images of aborted babies, not even any pictures of live babies,” said Jon Speed with Abolish Abortion Texas.

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On the website, the group calls for abolishing “abortion in Texas, regardless of what the Supreme Court says we can do.”

In a statement, the group said the landowner began receiving death threats and other complaints right after the billboard was erected. These threats “forced the advertising company to remove” the billboard, the group continued.

According to FaithWire, Speed said the death threats show “how intolerant Texas has become” even in rural, conservative areas like Boyd.

“It’s just a website that seeks to abolish abortion in Texas. The fact that this happened in rural Texas is not only surprising in a self-professed pro-life state, it indicates how weak that commitment is,” he said.

Speed drew national attention in 2019 when he closed his bookstore in New York and moved to Texas after New York passed a radical pro-abortion law to expand late-term abortions.

Hostility against pro-life advocates is growing. Medical workers and students are being forced to go to court to defend their right to speak out and practice their belief that that unborn babies are patients who deserve care, too.

Meanwhile, billboards are being vandalized, pro-life pregnancy centers set on fire, and pro-lifers harassed and threatened for advocating for the lives of babies in the womb. recorded nearly 200 incidents in the past three years, including a bomb threat during a 40 Days for Life event in Minnesota, the brutal attack of an older pro-life man outside an abortion facility in San Francisco, a pro-life banner set on fire inside a Western Washington University building, and a man charged with pulling a gun on pro-lifers outside a Delaware abortion facility.

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