Pro-Life Student Sues University That Kicked Him Out of Med School for Opposing Abortion

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 10, 2021   |   1:16PM   |   Louisville, Kentucky

A pro-life medical student is fighting in court to be allowed to finish school at the University of Louisville School of Medicine after he said he was expelled because of his pro-life beliefs.

Austin Clark was a fourth-year medical student at the university when he was expelled on July 15, 2020. He was scheduled to graduate in May 2021.

Fox News reports Clark recently filed a lawsuit against the school accusing it of discriminating against him because he believes unborn babies are valuable human beings who deserve a right to life.

“They are saying I was being unprofessional, but all I’ve done is to be a vocal pro-life student, standing up to bullies,” Clark said in a statement.

A leader with the campus Medical Students for Life group, Clark said faculty began treating him differently after their group hosted a pro-life speaker on campus in 2018, according to the report.

“The administration did everything they could to prevent the event from happening, largely by mandating impossibly expensive security fees – a common tactic of schools trying to silence views of the students they don’t like,” according to Students for Life, which the campus pro-life group is affiliated with.

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Eventually, Clark’s group had to seek legal help so that the speaker could come to campus, according to his lawsuit.

Afterward, Clark said a faculty member/OB-GYN called him “stupid” and asked if his “brain was working,” his lawsuit alleges.

Here’s more from Fox:

Tensions between the two were apparently so high that the instructor, Dr. Thomas Neely, “refused to allow Clark to meet with him in his office and required him to sit in a chair in the hallway and speak through an open doorway.”

Clark also claims that the school eventually gave him a failing grade in his internal medicine course even though he “objectively” passed it based on the numerical score he received.

In the lawsuit, Clark also said the school forced him to sign a “professional contract” that other students did not have to sign, and Neely tried to blackball him from rotations.

The lawsuit continues: “Defendants punish Clark for expressing his views regarding the proper treatment of medical students, abortion and the sanctity of life, and the application of Christianity and his personal philosophy and beliefs to the practice of medicine, when there are students who, when expressing contrary views or faiths (or lack thereof), via Student Organizations and other means, or otherwise engaging in similar or more severe ‘unprofessional behavior,’ while both on and off the clerkship services, are not subject to the same or similar restrictions or such severe level of academic discipline as applied to Clark.”

Clark is married and has two young children.

The university refused to comment when contacted by news outlet.

The University of Louisville School of Medicine receives taxpayer funding. It also trains medical students to abort unborn babies through its Ryan Residency program, and abortionist Ernest Marshall, who owns the largest abortion facility in the state, reportedly teaches there.