Harriet Tubman’s Christian Faith Compelled Her to Fight Slavery, Just as Pro-Life Christians Fight Abortion

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 9, 2021   |   1:56PM   |   Washington, DC

A group advocating for Harriet Tubman to be honored on the $20 bill compares her fight against slavery to their work to end abortions.

The Daily Wire reports Free the States, a Christian organization working to abolish abortion, held a rally last week in Philadelphia to urge the government to stop delaying the “Tubman 20.” A surprise to some who attended, leaders also called for an end to abortion.

T. Russell Hunter, of the abortion abolition movement and founder of Free the States, said slavery abolitionists like Tubman are celebrated today, but they once were despised by many Americans leading up to the Civil War, according to the report.

“Harriet Tubman is popular today,” he said. “Her abolitionist friends are popular today. You can watch PBS documentaries about the abolitionists William Lloyd Garrison, Frederick Douglass … But when Harriet Tubman was living in this city, she was an outlaw. People tried to chase her down.”

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Hunter said Tubman and others refused to compromise on ending the evil of slavery.

“They demanded its total and immediate abolition,” he said. “These abolitionists not only argued that slavery was evil, but they argued that gradual abolition was evil. They spent as much time arguing with moderate anti-slavery gradualists as they did arguing against slavery itself.”

“Here’s the point. Does our culture truly support Harriet Tubman?” Hunter continued at the rally. “Do we appreciate people like Harriet Tubman, or do we treat abolitionists of today in the way we treated abolitionists of the past?”

Hunter told the crowd that society faces a similar situation today with abortion.

The Daily Wire noted that many people left the rally as soon as he mentioned abortion. Afterward, Hunter said he noticed that most of the people who left were “white liberals,” but none of the black people left.

“Some of these folks that leave, that don’t want to hear us out — they don’t realize that they are treating us just the same way as they treated the abolitionists of an earlier age,” he said. “We believe that these children ought to be rescued from being taken away to death. Like her, we believe that we should not live for ourselves, but we should live for others. Like her, we believe in and follow Christ. We believe that He leads the abolitionist cause, and that His gospel is the answer to abortion.”

He said Tubman, a former slave who helped lead others to freedom through the underground railroad, would not have been a modern leftist.

“She was a Bible-quoting, gun-toting, evangelical Christian abolitionist who trusted in God’s province above all else,” he said.

On its website, Tubman20.com, the group is calling for Tubman to be recognized on the $20. It notes that the Obama administration supported the plan, but the Trump and Biden administrations both delayed action.

“Enough delays! Now more than ever, our country needs women and men of action who stand up for justice like Harriet Tubman,” the website states.