Amazing New Video Shows the Incredible Development of Unborn Babies in the Womb

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 9, 2021   |   3:23PM   |   Washington, DC

“Baby Olivia,” an amazing new video that sheds light on an unborn baby’s development, already is changing minds for life.

A project of Live Action, the 3-minute animated video walks through a baby’s development week-by-week, starting at the moment of conception.

“As I’ve encountered hundreds of thousands of women through my work with Live Action, I’ve always been frustrated by the lack of real education on prenatal development,” said Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action. “We worked with a team of amazing animators to beautifully document the details of preborn life, including heartbeat, fingernails, eyelashes and even hiccups.”

The pro-life organization also worked with scientists, physicians and former abortionists to make sure the images and facts about prenatal development were medically accurate.

Packed into the 3 minutes is beautiful, computer-generated 3D animation that shows very realistic human movements, including Baby Olivia touching her face and yawning.

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Dr. Kathi A. Aultman, a retired OB-GYN and former abortionist, said she wishes she would have had such a good resource for her pregnant patients while she was practicing.

“As a former abortionist, I would recommend this video to any woman contemplating abortion if she wants to be informed about what is happening inside her body before finalizing her decision,” Aultman said.

The new video already is changing minds. An analysis by Vinea Research found that 12 percent of people who viewed “Baby Olivia” became pro-life and an additional 37 percent said they were “more pro-life” after watching, according to Live Action.

The organization hopes the video will open people’s eyes to the truth about unborn babies, especially as the U.S. Supreme Court gets ready to hear a major abortion case out of Mississippi.

“We know that baby Olivia is at the core of the abortion debate,” Rose said. “Will we defend her? Will we defend her constitutionally protected right to life? Baby Olivia should be shown to anyone considering abortion – in schools, at pregnancy resource centers, at churches and in sidewalk advocacy. We can’t wait to see the impact Olivia makes.”